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The Arturia Analog Lab Synthesizer Software is a comprehensive collection of sounds from Arturia's best and most faithful emulations of loved classic synth hardware. The Arturia Analog Lab expands the creative and sonic pallet to a place where only your imagination is the limit.

The Arturia Analog Lab Synthesizer Software offers a selection of sounds from across the V Collection, providing a powerful but easy way to access a wide spectrum of tones from a single application. The Multi system allows you to combine any two patches, layering or splitting them across a key range meaning there is a virtually unlimited potential for sound creation.

The MULTI features in Arturia Analog Lab allow you to create your own splits and layers of these powerhouse synths and keyboards with simple drag and drop functionality. The Playlists area then allows you to organize your sounds and multis so you can recall them quickly via program change messages. Arturia Analog Lab is more than just a sound library of the best analog keyboards; it is a powerful sound design tool and live performance instrument that will become an integral part of your everyday workflow. The Software also supports Arturia's many MIDI controller devices natively and will adapt to reflect their physical controls once they are connected. You can of course use generic MIDI controllers as well.

Ultimate Keyboard Sound Collection
The Arturia Analog Lab gives you instant access to over 6000 of the best designer sounds from the 21 authentic legendary keyboards in Arturia's critically acclaimed V Collection.

Perform. Record. Compose. Awesome.
Analog Lab is your all-in-one sound bank solution for every playing situation. When composing, Analog Lab gives you quick access to the inspirational mainstay instruments and tones that keep you in the creative flow. When recording, you’ll quickly find track-ready instruments that can be easily tweaked in the Arturia Analog Lab or take you right into the full V Collection instruments you also own for total sound design. When gigging, you’ll step through all the decades of sounds you need right at the touch of a button or pedal. Save your back and your wallet. With Arturia Analog Lab, your laptop replaces stacks of keyboards and racks and gives you even more flexibility.

You Can't Sample it!
Under the hood, the Arturia Analog Lab has all the sound engines from the Arturia's award-winning V Collection of modeled instruments that reproduce the actual characteristics of the original hardware. The organic warmth of analog and electro-acoustic sounds is extremely difficult to reproduce authentically with digital technology. Samples only capture snapshots, and no amount of snapshots can possibly convey all the nuances of playing the original instrument. The Arturia’s critically acclaimed TAE technology and physical modelling technology faithfully emulate the actual physics and circuitry of vintage instruments—transistors, tubes, pickups, preamps, the works—to create software instruments that are virtually indistinguishable from the originals. Give your music the sonic richness and organic texture of analog—with all the convenience of digital.

Combine Your Favorite Sounds
Want to play a funky bass with your left hand and a customized twirly Wurli with your right? How about bringing in a layer of strings in with your expression pedal while playing that piano ballad? Stack your favorite piano and strings? The Multi feature lets you simply drag and drop to combine any two of your favorite presets into splits and layers, complete with discrete options for key range, MIDI channels, transposition and response to common MIDI CC messages from controllers like touch, wheels and pedals. Then just save it as a preset for when you need it again. It's all about full creative expression and control.

All Your Favorite Effects are Right on Board
The Arturia Analog Lab gives you a complete array of 13 classic effects that take these already incredible sounds beyond the call of duty—everything from standards like chorus, delay, reverb and overdrive to exotics like bit crunching and vocal filters. You can even add different amounts of discrete effects to the two instruments in your Multi patches to add a whole new dimension to your sound. Of course, all your effects settings are saved right with your patches for instant recall. The Arturia Analog Lab brings together everything you need to rock your performances—just add your favorite controller.

A User Interface You’ll Love - Sound Browsing Done Right
The Arturia spent a lot of time redesigning the user interface in Arturia Analog Lab to make it easier and faster than ever to get to just the right sounds. Its streamlined UI lets you filter this vast library with combinations of tags for Types, Banks, Characteristics and Instruments. Looking for inspiration for a mellow synth melody? Just click tags like Soft, Lead and, optionally, instruments like Mini and ARP 2600, and you’ll instantly be auditioning just those candidates that match that combination. When you find sounds you like, mark them as a Favorite, and then access them quicker in the preset browser. When it’s gig time, simply put only the sounds you need into a Playlist and step through them with a switch or pedal. You’ll never get lost trying to find the right sound again—unless you want to.

Tweak and Perform with the Most Important Controls
With each preset, the Arturia Analog Lab surfaces the most common controls you might want to get your hands on to tweak your sound or control live—like the drawbars on a B-3 V or the filter controls of a Matrix-12 V. They’re even mapped automatically to the most logical controls on Arturia KeyLab and MiniLab keyboards, or NI controllers via NKS. With Multi patches, you even get macro control so that a single controller can affect parameters on two different patches at once. The MIDI Learn feature makes it as simple as click-and-touch to assign any hardware controller to any surfaced parameter in an Analog Lab patch for total expression.

The Command Center for All Your V-series Instruments
If you love getting your hands on all the controls, you probably already have one or more full instruments in the V series—and the Arturia Analog Lab is also included in the complete V Collection bundle. The Arturia Analog Lab makes the perfect command center for your V Collection. For starters, it helps you find sounds across your entire studio of vintage instruments. Then, if you want to make mods beyond the most common controls they’ve surfaced, with a click you can go directly into edit mode for the full V-series instrument if you own a license for it.

Inspiring Sounds for Every Type of Music
No matter what kind of music you play, the Arturia Analog Lab has you covered. Think about the mainstay keyboard instruments in any genre of music that you write, play or produce—or ever want to—and you’ll find the best of those sounds in Arturia Analog Lab . Rock. Jazz. Gospel. Top 40. Country. Blues. It’s all here, with total authenticity and easy access to tones created by some of the world’s top programmers and sound designers. Whether you’re playing hits from yesteryear or creating tomorrow’s music, the Arturia Analog Lab brings you all the sounds you need in one elegant package.

Preset Browser
The Arturia redesigned preset browser lets you quickly find just the sound you’re looking for. Search by name or simply select the appropriate tags to dial in on the exact sonic character you’re looking for. You can mark and recall your own favorites, enter comments, and set up playlists. There’s never been a more intuitive way to manage your library of designer and personal presets.

Resizable GUI
The user interfaces for all your Arturia instruments are now resizable, making it easy to work with any High Resolution screen, UHD or Retina. You can decide whether you want to fill the screen with awesome graphic reproductions of classic instrument goodness, scale the window down when you’re working in a DAW and screen real estate is at a premium, or even zoom for detailed work.

Arturia Analog Lab Synthesizer Software Features

  • The original hardware/software hybrid synthesizer
  • Updated with sounds from the V Collection 6
  • Over 6500 sounds from some of the best sound designers in the industry
  • Presets are carefully selected from Arturia's V Collection 6 (ARP 2600 V, B-3 V, CS-80 V, Farfisa V, Jup-8 V, Matrix-12 V, Mini V, Modular V, Prophet V, Prophet VS, SEM V, Solina V, Stage-73 V, Synclavier V, Piano V2, Vox Continental V, Wurli V, Buchla Easel V, Clavinet V, DX7 V and CMI V)
  • Updated browser to find your sound quickly: by Type (Bass, Pads, Leads…), by Characteristics (long, bright, dark…), etc.
  • Multi mode for creating your own layers, splits and adding effects
  • Automatic mapping of parameters for Arturia keyboards
  • Parameters can be mapped easily to other MIDI controllers
  • Standalone or plug-in operation (VST, VST3, AU, AAX)
  • Full preset editing available for owners of the full versions of Arturia's synthesizers (Mini V, Modular V, CS-80V, Wurlitzer V, etc.)
  • User interface configures automatically to match your Arturia controller

Arturia Analog Lab Synthesizer Software Specifications

  • Platform Specs:
    • Windows:
      • 7+ (64bit) PC, 4 GB RAM; 2.5 GHz CPU.
      • 2GB free hard disk space
      • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
    • Apple:
      • 10.10+; 4 GB RAM; 2.5 GHz CPU.
      • 2GB free hard disk space
      • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
  • Required Configuration: Works in Standalone, VST 2.4, VST 3, AAX, Audio Unit (64-bit DAWs only)
  • Protection: Protected by the Arturia Software Center

Arturia Analog Lab Synthesizer Software Includes

  • License for Arturia Analog Lab Synthesizer Software

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