AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones

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AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones

The AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones are professional over-ear headphones designed for studio mixing, studio monitoring and live performance applications.

The AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones are perfect for vocalists and drummers and built to provide the best possible sound reproduction. Their fully-enclosed, sealed design provides high noise insulation, low signal bleeding into studio microphones and maximum isolation for live-mixing applications. In addition to great sound quality and insulation, the AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones are extremely durable and comfortable. Not only designed to withstand the demands of countless hours in the studio, their self-adjusting headband provides an ideal fit and their over-ear pads nicely envelop the ears. Other features include an auto-mute switch in the headband as well as a professional mini XLR connector. The AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones also come with a 3m (10ft) straight cable and 5m (16ft) coiled cable, so you can start listening to your music, mix or project right away. Altogether, from performance and ease of use to comfort and reliability, the AKG K271 MKII is a powerful tool for mixing and monitoring environments.

AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones Applications

  • Studio Mixing
  • Studio Monitoring
  • Live Performance
  • Hi-Fi Listening
  • Drummer

AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones Features

  • Over-Ear Design offers maximum comfort for long studio sessions
  • Advanced Closed-Back Technology provides high noise insulation and best possible sound reproduction
  • Patented Varimotion 30 mm XXL Transducer ensures accurate signal transfer and great dynamic range
  • Auto-Mute Switch mutes headphones when taken off
  • Self-Adjusting Headband provides optimum fit every time

AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones Specifications

  • General Specs:
    • Headphone Type: Closed-Back
    • Sensitivity Headphones: 104 dB SPL/V
    • Rated Impedance: 55 Ohms
    • Detachable Cable: Yes
    • Cable Length: 3 m
    • Earpads: Replaceable
  • Audio Specs:
    • Maximum Input Power: 200 mW
    • Audio Frequency Bandwidth: 16 - 28000 Hz
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 110 mm
    • Width: 205 mm
    • Height: 200 mm
    • Net Weight: 240 g
  • Audio Interface:
    • Type: Stereo Plug – 3.5mm (1/8-Inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) Screw-on Adapter
    • Gender: Male
    • Contacts: 3-Pin
    • Interface Finish: Gold
  • Cable:
    • Detachable: Yes
  • Wearing Style:
    • Over-Ear: Yes
  • Foldable:
    • Not Foldable: Yes
  • Cup Style:
    • Closed-Back: Yes

AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones Includes

  • 1 x AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones
  • 1 x EK300 Cable
  • 1 x EK500 Coiled Cable
  • 2 x Velvet Ear Pads
  • 2 x Leatherette Ear Pads
  • 1 Year Warranty

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What We Think

"The AKG K271 MKII Studio Headphones are a very robust and gorgeous sounding pair of headphones. The AKG K271 MKII is really a 'Cadillac' amongst musicians' tracking cans. Seriously, wearing them is like sitting in the back seat of a very cushy Caddy limo - remember the kind that used to like to swallow you up when you sat back into the seat? I mean, like... EXTREMELY comfortable. You get the picture. AND they have great isolation. The new MKII version adds the convenience of a built-in switch in the headband to turn off the sound when they are not being worn. This keeps them from playing unnecessarily which results in unexpected bleed into overdubs as well as just plain wearing out faster. So, bravo to AKG for a great design feature made for the studio!"

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  • 5
    The One & Only

    Posted by Nick on May 11th 2014

    Let's face it, AKG cans are the best!

    I've had several pairs, ranging from top-of-the-line "open-backs", through "semi-open" and now "closed-backs". All very useful for their particular purpose, from mixing to general listening to tracking.

    These are excellent "trackers", providing great audio with the isolation required for the job. They're not QUITE as attenuating as Direct Sound's Extreme Isolation cans, but more comfortable to wear because of the self-adjusting headband.

    Also, the cable comes out of one side only and is detachable (hence, replaceable, after they've been trodden on by inconsiderate studio-dwellers!).

    Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Great, honest sound

    Posted by Sandor on May 1st 2011

    I love these phones! The isolation is decent (unless the source sound is way loud) and there's even a decent amount of bass in these. Highs are clear and not shrill, so you can listen during long sessions without fatigue. And last but not least, the built-in on-off switch saves your butt, when you leave a pair up during a session. I recommend you trying a pair!

  • 4
    Good sound, comfort

    Posted by Gabriel on Jun 23rd 2010

    These are some of the best-sounding phones I have used. These are punchy and clear without appearing to emphasize anything in the spectrum unevenly. They are fairly low-output though, so you'll have to crank the volume up a little more. The self-adjusting strap and automatic volume shutoff features are great, but they're a bit awkward with glasses. They also aren't quite as snug of a fit as my Sennheisers, so they don't isolate sound as well, but those Sennheisers are notoriously heavier and tighter, making them less comfortable. These are also made in China now, and they don't look exactly like the pictures, including the ones on the box. (The AKG logo is solid rather than outlined, for example.) The overall quality seems to be good, although they are quite lightweight, and psychologically, heavier things have a way of seeming more solid.

  • 5
    100% AKG quality

    Posted by J.J. NaRive on Jan 13th 2010

    I bought this headphones for two aplications: for live monitoring and studio recording, and this headphones are excellent in both aplications.

    The sound is amazing, you can hear all these details, like a magnifying glass.

    When I plug them into the mixer, I can hear clearly the PA avoiding the room, the isolation level is great, which is great for studio too! you can record voices in front to the mic and the sound keep in your ears, not into the mic, are very valuable for hearing a recording, mix and monitoring.

    This AKG headphones are pretty comfortable and self-adjustable, you can use it by hours and hours without pain or inconvenience, and they look cool too!

    AKG need to provide a bag or case with this, the retail box works fine but not for everybody...

    The extra cable and extra earpad are a cool add. For closed headphones, you can't go wrong with this.