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Cakewalk Rapture Pro Virtual Synthesizer

Cakewalk Rapture
Cakewalk Rapture
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Cakewalk Rapture Pro Virtual Synthesizer

Cakewalk Rapture combines power, elegance, control and unbeatable sounds - Rapture is one of the most exciting synthesizers to hit the market in years.

Cakewalk Rapture Pro Virtual Synthesizer Details

Cakewalk Rapture Pro is the first performance synth to combine oscillator and sample-based synthesis in an intuitive design for musicians of any skill level. Simply load a sound and go! Rapture Pro‚??s innovative Perform mode connects the studio and stage with exceptional control for real-time expressiveness and a sound library that spans all genres of music. Whether you want a classic piano sound for a smooth jazz ballad, searing rock guitars, breathtaking atmospheres, or cutting-edge, step-sequenced patterns for EDM, you‚??ll find them all in the massive library of instruments, textures, and soundscapes.

But, Rapture Pro is far from the usual ‚??set-and-forget‚?Ě instrument. The new Edit mode gives you infinite tweakability by overlaying Rapture‚??s signature mixing and modulation options for every program. Harness the power of sophisticated synthesis and create sounds that you'll need to hear to believe.

What's New in Rapture Pro
One synth to rule them all. The best features of Dimension Pro and Rapture have added significant innovations to bring you a next-generation musical instrument that bridges the gap between live performance spontaneity and impressive studio sound.


Get ready for a new adventure in virtual instruments.
Explore the new world of Rapture Pro with nearly 1000 presets and 10 GB of sounds. We‚??ve handpicked some of the best designers from across the world to give you their very first take on Rapture Pro‚??s monstrous sound engine. From world instruments to ripping bass synths, Rapture Pro makes it possible to explore unthinkable combinations of sounds.

Blend studio production with stage excitement
Play, mix, and write your music in real time with Rapture Pro‚??s new Perform Mode. Accessing all your favorite controls has never been easier with this next generation performance synth. Create studio tracks for live sets in minutes with Rapture Pro‚??s advanced mod matrix and then bring it to the stage using the new instrument page layout and live mixing features.

Total control unlike any other synth
Customize your sound with Rapture Pro‚??s comprehensive modulation controls using methods unmatched by today‚??s virtual instruments. Individually control and tweak every button, knob, and effect with up to 86 modulators per instance inside of Rapture Pro‚??s extensive step generator, envelope generator, and LFO capabilities.

Sampler accuracy, synthesizer flexibility
Rapture Pro merges the best of both worlds with sought-after synth sounds and real-world acoustic instruments. Layering blends of Rapture Pro‚??s extensive library with the sonic richness of its synth engine opens a realm of possibilities for sound designers and composers alike. This new fusion of two legendary instruments is the next step in Cakewalk virtual instruments.

Cakewalk Rapture Pro Virtual Synthesizer Features

  • Transform, perform, produce, bend, and twist with new sounds, more FX, and more control
  • Find and prioritize sounds faster with databased browsing
  • Performance Mode gives unprecedented freedom to interact with sounds on stage or in the studio
  • Vector Mixer controls all 6 element volumes simultaneously for creative, real-time mixing
  • Edit and create sounds easily with the clean, expansive, color-coded user interface
  • 6-element architecture is ideal for MIDI guitar
  • Effortless parameter mapping with the new Mod Matrix
  • Each element of Rapture Pro has 7 Step Generators, 7 LFOs, and 7 Envelope Generators
  • 13 crushing distortion FX for massive pads and lead presets
  • 21 sweeping filters for building bass drops and surgical mixing
  • 31 soaring insert FX for each individual element
  • Freely layer synths and samples
  • 2-click MIDI Mapping for quick controller assignments
  • Mix your instrument‚??s elements with the Mixer Page‚??s faders, pan, and sends
  • Individual element tone-shaping with a more visual EQ
  • Supports Mac OS X Audio Units, Windows 7/8 VST3
  • Nearly 10GB of sounds from professional sound designers
  • Ability to load individual microtuning files per element
  • Multitimbral mode allows you to play each element individually

Cakewalk Rapture Pro Virtual Synthesizer Specifications

  • Windows:
    • Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1*
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or newer
    • Memory: Minimum 2GB RAM
    • Disk space: Core installer 50MB, Full installation: 13GB
    • Formats: VST2i, VST3i, Standalone Version (32 or 64Bit)
    • Install and activate with Cakewalk Command Center ***
  • Mac:
    • OS X 10.7.5 - OS X 10.10
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or newer
    • Memory: Minimum 2GB RAM
    • Disk space: Core Installer: 50MB, Full installation: 13GB
    • Formats: Audio Units, VST3i (32** or 64Bit)
    • Install and activate with Cakewalk Command Center ***

* Windows XP is blocked, Vista not officially supported
** Mac OS X not supported on older 32-bit processors (1st Gen Intel Macs)
*** Internet connection required

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