Waves Vocal Plug-In Bundle

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Waves Vocal Bundle
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Waves Vocal Plug-In Bundle

Waves Vocal bundle is the ultimate vocal toolkit, made up of 6 powerful plugins, including Waves Tune for pitch correction and transformation, and DeBreath, which removes unwanted breath sounds-automatically.

Waves Vocal Plug-In Bundle Details

Waves Vocal Bundle is what you're looking for, if you want to give your vocal tracks the "red carpet treatment" without hunting down and buying a ton of vintage gear. It's fairly obvious to all who record that the vocal track, being the primary focus of any song, requires the most attention. The Waves Vocal Bundle is a comprehensive vocal toolkit made up of some incredible Waves processing plug-ins: Tune, which delivers a new level of sound quality and ease in pitch correction and melody transformation; and DeBreath, a Waves exclusive which removes unwanted breath sounds automatically. In addition, Waves Vocal Bundle features Renaissance Channel, the acclaimed virtual channel strip that gives you EQ, compression, gating and limiting in one convenient plug-in; Renaissance DeEsser, perfect for removing excess sibilance; Doubler, for superior double-tracked effects; and Renaissance Axx, a streamlined compressor that's great for getting instant results.

Ask any producer or engineer. They'll tell you the most important part of any record is the vocal. It's got to be powerful. It's got to be commanding. It's got to be just right. Made up of six powerful vocal plugins, Waves Vocal bundle is the ultimate vocal toolkit.

Waves Vocal Plug-In Bundle Includes

Waves Vocal Plug-In Bundle Features

  • Six powerful vocal plugins
  • For pitch correction, breath reduction, dynamics, de-essing, and doubling
  • Supports AAX Native, Audiosuite, RTAS, AU, and VST
  • This Bundle is also included in Mercury
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Waves Vocal Plug-In Bundle Additional Information

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