Waves eMotion LV1 MGO MADI Combo

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Waves E64DMP
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Waves eMotion LV1 MGO MADI Combo

The Waves eMotion LV1 MGO MADI Combo is a complete live mixing solution for your MADI stagebox: plug into a SoundGrid network via an optical DiGiGrid MGO I/O, and mix live with the eMotion LV1 digital mixing console.

The eMotion LV1 is a live software mixer for FOH, monitor and broadcast applications. It has a 32-bit floating-point mix engine and 64 stereo/mono channels, each with a plugin rack capable of running up to eight SoundGrid-compatible plugins. In this combo, all processing is carried out on the Extreme server, letting you run a great number of plugins at extremely low latency. Both the mixer and the server are connected to your MADI stagebox via the compact DiGiGrid MGO interface.

Waves eMotion LV1 MGO MADI Combo Features

  • All-in-one solution for live mixing with a MADI system
  • Network your MADI stagebox with the eMotion LV1 live mixing console
  • Mix live with SoundGrid-compatible plugins running inside the mixer
  • Includes four plugins optimized for live sound: eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo Q4 Equalizer, eMo F2 Filter and eMo Generator

Waves eMotion LV1 MGO MADI Combo Includes

  • Motion LV1 Live Mixer
  • DiGiGrid MGO
  • SoundGrid Extreme Server
  • Network Switch
  • 1 Year Warranty

What We Think

Waves eMotion LV1 MADI Combos featuring either the DiGiGrid MGB or DiGiGrid MGO are great comprehensive solutions for getting a great eMotion LV1 touchscreen mixing system started. Perfect for if you have a MADI capable interface and preamps already as a part of your system, already. Just add compatible computer, operating system, touchscreens, and any additional SoundGrid compatible plug-ins (including 3rd party offerings).

Waves' eMotion LV1 is the mixing system of the future, offering all of the familiar professional routing capabilities of a top-flight digital mixer... but with the capabilities of instantiating Waves and 3rd party (SoundGrid compatible) plug-ins on any channel in the mixer... WOW. No need for MultiRack or any wonky routing. And since you're dealing with SoundGrid, you're able to route audio directly from any computer on the network sporting the SoundGrid driver. So, if your drummer has tracks in Ableton Live, then there's no need for them to have an audio interface feeding a DI - just give them a network cable instead and you can mix multitrack output of their DAW at FOH. This is only one example of just how powerful eMotion LV1 is. Give us a call to find out more: 888-228-4530

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