Vintech X73 Power Supply (B-Stock)


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Front End Audio has a fantastic deal on this factory direct B-Stock preamp! This X73 PSU arrived to us directly from Vintech quality control where they deemed it as B-Stock for whatever reason. We have fully inspected this power supply and you will be hard pressed to find a flaw! However, in the nature of being B-Stock, do expect a minor cosmetic issue but rest assured that it will have absolutely no impact on the functionality or performance of this unit. Otherwise, this PSU is brand new and carries a full manufacturers warranty. This is your opportunity to grab a deal on a just like new X73 PSU from Vintech!

The Vintech X73 Power Supply is designed to power upto FOUR Vintech units. It comes configured for 120 Volt, 60Hz operation. The Vintech X73 Power Supply is capable of powering up to four individual channels and it can be housed at the bottom of a rack or at a place that sits on the floor. The Vintech X73 Power Supply converts 120 VAC, 60Hz power from the main into the right kind of power for the individual parts you want to power up. The compatible products are X73, X73i, X81, 473, 273, and 609CA.

Vintech X73 Power Supply Features

  • Efficient and reliable power supply
  • Configured for 120 Volt, 60Hz operation
  • Provides stable output to your Vintech gear

Vintech X73 Power Supply Specifications

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