Vintech 609CA Compressor


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The Vintech 609CA Compressor is a transformer balanced stereo compressor with with class A, all discrete output amplifiers. The compression and limiting circuitry is based on the classic Neve 33609, while the output amplifiers are more similar to the Neve 2254.

The Vintech 609CA Compressor is another winning concept made real from Vintech Audio! Like their X81 Class A, VIntech has taken the compressor / limiter circuit found in the celebrated and rather flexible Neve 33609 and combined it with Class A output amplifiers based on those found in the older Neve 2254 compressors. The result is something wholly unique: a tight and rather adjustable compressions circuit with a wide open and color rich amplifier stage.

The Vintech 609CA Compressor requires the Vintech X73 Power Supply Unit in order to operate. However, one of these power supplies will power up to FOUR Vintech units. By using a separate remote power supply, Vintech units maintain an extremely low noise specification.

Vintech 609CA Compressor Features

  • Compressor / Limiter section of the Neve 33609
  • Tranformer-Balanced Input/Outputs
  • All Discrete Class A Output Amplifiers similar to those found in the classic Neve 2254
  • Requires Vintech X73 Power Supply Unit for operation (not included)

Vintech 609CA Compressor Specifications

  • Channels: Two
  • Controls: Limiter: Threshold, Attack, Recovery; Compressor: Threshold, Attack, Ratio, Recovery, Gain Rack
  • Dimensions: Spaces; 2U Height; 3.5" Width; 19"

Vintech 609CA Compressor Includes

  • 609CA Compressor
  • Power Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty

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