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Vintech 473 4-Channel Mic Preamp & Equalizer

Vintech 473
Vintech 473
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Vintech 473 4-Channel Mic Preamp & Equalizer

The Vintech 473 is a full-on powerhouse 4-Channel Mic Preamp & Equalizer for building up a studio with one of the most coveted audio sonic landscapes of all - the original Neve 1073 preamp.

Vintech 473 4-Channel Mic Preamp & Equalizer Details

The Vintech Audio model 473 is a full-on powerhouse for building up a studio with one of the most coveted audio sonic landscapes of all - the original Neve 1073 preamp. There is a reason that studios outfitted with a vintage 80-Series Neve console doesn't usually have many if any outboard preamplifiers; they don't need them! It's with this reality that the 473 was created.

On-board the Vintech 473 you will find a quartet of 1073 Class A preamps and a two-band shelving "essentiall eq" available to "tilt", or shape air and/or thump right into the classic sound of this easy to use unit. These high and low shelving eq's feature per each channel with two frequency selection points for each, allowing you surprisingly flexible tone-shaping for what you're recording.

The Vintech Audio 473 is great for artists or recordists looking to get the great sound of Vintech in a quartet configuration that allows for more channels in a smaller footprint and for a lower per-channel cost than purchasing separate channel strips. For additional flexibility, the Line Inputs allow you to access the equalizers for sweetening tracks you have already recorded during mixdown. The on-board DI instrument inputs on each channel, make the 473 one of Front End Audio's recommendations for keyboard or synth players looking to negate the sterility of their instruments' outputs for recording or sending to the front of house for the gig. And it's no big surprise that the Vintech 473 is coveted among engineers in-the-know for capturing bombastic drum tracks. Even with just a pair of channels on kick and snare drums and the other two as overheads, the sound is there. But, the 473 is equally-good sounding on everything... which is why the Neve 1073 is so revered. Vintech, again, provides the no-brainer solution for getting the right sound right off the bat.

Vintech 473 4-Channel Mic Preamp & Equalizer Features

  • FOUR faithful channels of famed 1073-style microphone preamplifiers
  • Each channel features:
    • "Essential EQ" features Hi and Low Shelving equalizer bands:
    • Hi-Band Frequencies: 5.6kHz / 12kHz
    • Low-Band Frequencies: 60Hz / 110Hz
    • +48 Phantom Power - selectable on each channel
    • EQ In/Out Switch on each channel
    • Polarity Switch
    • Impedance Selector of 300 Ohms or 1.2k Ohms
    • Mic/Line Switch
    • DI Input on front panel
    • Separate Input and Output Gain/Level controls for maximum control
  • Premium quality Neutrik connectors
  • Easy to use!

Special Note

The Vintech 473 requires the Vintech X73 Power Supply for operation. The Vintech X73 Power Supply can power up to FOUR Vintech Audio units.

Vintech 473 4-Channel Mic Preamp & Equalizer Specifications

    • Microphone Gain of +70dB to +20dB in 5dB steps
    • Switchable microphone input impedance between 300 and 1,200 ohms
    • Line Impedance of 10kOhm
    • Line Input Gain of +20dB to -10dB in 5dB steps
    • Both Inputs are Transformer Balanced
    • Switch for +48-Volt phantom power
    • 1/4" D.I. on the front panel
    • Polarity / Phase switch
    • Input Level Control (a portion of the range is dedicated to MIC and the other to LINE)
    • Class-A output amplifier that utilizing authentic 2N3055 NPN transistor.
    • Custom-wound output transformer - most closely matches vintage Neve 1073 performance and sound
    • Hand-wired Elma rotary input gain selector switch
    • Clarostat output level control
    • Output Level LED display ranges from -6 dB to +18 dB
    • Output impedance of 75 Ohms @ 1kHz
    • Maximum Output of +26dBu into 600 Ohms
    • 2-Band High Frequency and Low Frequency Shelving Equalizer:
      • Hi-Band Frequencies: 5.6kHz / 12kHz
      • Low-Band Frequencies: 60Hz / 110Hz
    • Switch for engaging EQ in/out of circuit
    • Faithful and accurate equalizer frequencies
    • Balanced Neutrik XLR input and output
    • 1/4" D.I. on the front panel
    • 1/4" TRS balanced line input
    • XLR Output is Transformer Balanced and Earth Free
    • 1/4" Output is Transformerless and Unbalanced
    • 16-gauge, 1 RU, All-steel Chassis
    • Power LED
    • Requires Vintech X73 Power Supply - One supply can power up to 4 Vintech units
  • Other Specifications
    • Frequency Response:
      • +/- 0.5dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
      • -30dB @ 40kHz with EQ Out
    • Noise: No more than -83dBu at all line gain settings
    • EIN is better than -125@ 60dB gain
    • Distortion is no bore than 0.07% from 50Hz to 10kHz at +20dBu output into 600 Ohms

Vintech Users Include...

  • Sony Music Nashville
  • Peter Frampton
  • David Foster
  • John Mayer
  • Greg Morgenstein: Engineer for Moulin Rouge, Master P, Nicole Kidman
  • Jim Gaines: Engineer for Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Dan Shea: Producer for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
  • Eddie Kramer: Producer/Engineer for Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Peter Frampton, and many others...
  • Gary Paczosa: Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss & Union Station
  • Green Day? and many, many more?

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