Thermionic Culture KITE Equalizer

Thermionic Culture

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The Thermionic Culture KITE Equalizer is the same great unit as the Fat Bustard just without the summing function. The KITE Equalizer has all the attitude and that big fat sound! This is the Unbalanced version which means the outputs are unbalanced with Pin2 carrying the signal (HOT), and Pins 3 and 1 being "shorted" tied together. This comes from the 60's and before when audio gear was not balanced, and electrical was not grounded. A lot of this older gear still exists, as well as is finding their way into new rooms, with new owners and collectors. The Unbalanced Kite ensures proper interfacing with both unbalanced and balanced gear in the studio.

Thermionic Culture KITE Equalizer Features

  • HPF, Bass Cut and Lift, Top Shelf (a kind of Presence), Air and Attitude.
  • All are indented pots for easy recall.
  • The Kite has “semi floating” inputs and unbalanced outputs.

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