Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest Channel Strip

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The Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest Channel Strip is a distinctly different, four section analog processor and microphone preamp, ideal for tracking and processing your most important signals. Each section is completely independent with its own fully balanced I/O and the ability to route each section together internally using TouchPatch, an intuitive routing system.

The Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest Channel Strip is an incredible channel strip designed to boast a tube/solid-state preamp, passive EQ, dual mode dynamics processing, a unique DriveBus output, and the innovative TouchPatch routing. Each section is completely independent with fully balanced I/O to maintain signal integrity and you can patch into any section at the push of a button to custom configure your signal path. The individual components build on Summit's years of experience and merge the best of transparent and flavor to offer nearly unending sonic options. The Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest attains new heights in channel strips!

Mz2- Microphone and Instrument Preamplifier
At the far left stands the Mz2 microphone and instrument preamplifier. The culmination of Summit Audio's many years of experience making preamps, the Mz2 is made for tone and sweetness with no sacrifice in noise or distortion specs, the perfect blend of fidelity and flavor. The design in the Mz2 starts with a discrete, matched and hand tested transistor stage. Next is an interstage, bypassable 12AX7A vacuum tube, getting full plate voltage (185V). Following is the interstage Jensen transformer, the best location for a transformer as feeding it with high level is the best for the sound, for isolation, and for noise immunity. When you plug an instrument into the Hi-Z in, it goes directly to the tube, then to the transformer (not to an op amp), instantly lending tone and life to your bass, guitar, or other instrument. Controls include sweepable gain with the top-of-the line potentiometer offering 10X the rotational life of most other pots, 10 segment LED metering, super clean +48VDC phantom power (see power supply), -20dB pad, switchable polarity, 60Hz HPF, and tube/solid state switch. IO includes XLR mic in, front panel 1/4" Hi-Z in, balanced XLR line level out, 1/4" Insert, plus balanced 1/4" -10dB out (great for using the Summit Audio ECS-410 as the front end to your bass or guitar rig).

Dc1- Dual Mode Dynamics Control
The Summit Audio's 20+ years of compression tradition is well represented in the Dc1 compressor. Utilizing a discrete transistor attenuator design, the Dc1 has that sweet program compensated and user directed timing that Summit Audio has been famous for since the very beginning, making for a very musical and satisfying compression experience. The Dc1 is VERY low noise, even under hard compression, and is fully temperature compensated to avoid any thermal drift. Along with the usual controls of make-up gain, threshold, attack, and release (on top-of-the-line potentiometers), the Dc1 adds a mode switch for choosing "Classic" or "Tight" compression modes. Classic is the smooth, signal-dependent kind of compression you're used to hearing from Summit Audio. It is clean, smooth, easy, and musical. Tight mode tightens the reigns, allowing for a much higher compression ratio, clamping the signal and controlling those peaks while still maintaining the integrity of the sound. Standing to the left is the accurate and easy-to-read 10 segment gain reduction meter showing 1 1/2dB steps. Includes master straightwire bypass and stereo link mode (for linking with another Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest). IO includes balanced XLR in and out, 1/4" stereo link jack, and 1/4" side chain insert.

Fe1- Passive Three Band Equalizer
Standing at the top of Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest is the Fe1 passive three band EQ. The Summit Audio chose to design a passive EQ circuit for the distinct sound, warmth, and great phase coherence they can get from passive LC circuits. Based around the incredible FeQ-50 passive EQ, the Fe1 is a flavor enhancer, perfect for sculpting your sound as you record and to add that distinctive touch when processing. This passive EQ features a custom LF inductor with all inductors shielded against EMI, high quality film capacitors, four transistor buffers, and a very minimal signal path. Each of the three bands has 6 selectable frequencies utilizing sealed, gold-flash switches with sweepable 12dB of cut or boost on the highest end center-detent potentiometers. The low and high bands are also switchable between shelving and peaking filters. Master straight-wire bypass included. IO includes balanced XLR in and XLR out.

Db2- Drive Bus Master Output and Drive Section
One of the truly unique features of the Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest is the Db2 drive bus. More than just a master output section, Db2 has multiple gain stages for overdriving, either in vacuum tube or discrete transistor mode, each with a totally unique and variable sound. With dual 12AX7A vacuum tubes, the Db2 use both a triple triode, zero feedback vacuum tube and high voltage transistor approach with real class A power for anything from clean and linear to fully driven and saturated and anything in between. Need very low distortion and lots of extra gain? Turn the output up all the way and use the drive gain to get the level you need. Want to add overdrive to a signal? Turn the output gain down and use the drive gain to get the amount of drive you need. Tube or transistor, each has a unique and distinct sound. Want the ultimate it quiet and low distortion? Bypass the whole section. Also included is a calibratable analog VU meter for true output level metering. IO includes balanced XLR in and out, plus 1/4" TRS -10dB out (great for using the Summit Audio ECS-410 as the front end to your bass or guitar rig).

Touch Patch Routing Section
Unique to the Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest is the TouchPatch master routing section. With the touch of a single button you can route any section to and from any other section. These are no MOS switches, there is no audio routed to the front panel for the switching, it remains close to the signal path so no audio runs around the interior where it can lose fidelity from high voltage or other noise generating fields. They use gold flash, double contact relays, and no computer or microprocessor making noise inside the unit. Need to route the preamp to the compressor, to the EQ, to the drive bus? One button. Need to pull the EQ out of the chain? One button. Want the EQ before the compressor? One button. Choose one of any 10 routing schemes in the most intuitive and flexible routing section ever offered. And remember, each section has it's own independent input and output, so any one not routed is still fully operational on its own.

Power Supplies
The Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest utilizes two separate power supplies. For all audio, they use a discrete linear supply, with fully regulated and double isolated B+ with discrete regulated and triple LC filtered +48VDC phantom power for absolute purity when powering your mics. A separate power supply supplies power for all metering and control, keeping any possible noise generating components fully isolated.

The Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest excels in all regards. Since each section has it's own IO (and in some cases, multiple IO), each can be wired into your patch bay for individual use. Each section can also be routed internally with the TouchPatch, one-touch routing section, but the outputs of each section are still active. For example, route the Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest from the Mz2 Preamp, to the Dc1 Compressor, to the Fe1 EQ, to the Db2 Drive Bus. Plug your microphone into the preamp section, adjust gains and processing sections so you get what you want out the main XLR output. The Mz2 preamps output is still active, sending an unprocessed output from the mic. The Dc1's output is still active, sending the compressed and preamped signal out. The Fe1's output is active as well, sending the preamped, compressed, EQed signal out it's individual output. Add to this the -10dB TRS outputs on both the Mz2 and Db2 and with one microphone you can get six outputs, all at different stages of the processing.

Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest Channel Strip Features

  • Tube or Discrete Transistor Mic Preamp w/Jensen Transformer
  • Passive LC Equalizer for unparalleled warmth and flavor
  • Dual Mode Dynamics using Summit Classic Design
  • DriveBus Transistor or Dual Tube Overdrivable Output
  • TouchPatch™ Single Touch Routing
  • Independent Balanced I/O on All Sections
  • Hand Crafted in the U.S.A.

Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest Channel Strip Includes

  • ECS-410 Everest Unit
  • User Manual
  • 3 Year Warranty

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