LaChapell Audio 500DT Channel Strip

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LaChapell Audio 500DT
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LaChapell Audio 500DT Channel Strip

The LaChapell Audio 500DT Preamp provides the dual topology of a tube mic pre, and a solid state mic pre, combined with the pristine sound quality of LaChapell Audio, in a 500 series format. Further, it brings the LaChapell line within the reach of home studios.

The LaChapell Audio 500DT Preamp is a 500 series microphone preamp that features two separate topologies or amplification paths. When the blend knob is fully to the TUBE side, the signal will pass through a transformer before being amplified by a TrueTube powered 12AX7 vacuum tube. TrueTube is LaChapell Audio’s proprietary method of supplying a full 250V to the vacuum tube so you get loads of clean tube gain.

When the blend knob is turned fully to the OPAMP side, the signal passes directly to a solid state preamplifier. This input is transformer-less and will provide clean gain with exceptionally low noise Placing the blend control anywhere between the two extremes will “blend” the two topologies for a wide variety of tonal options.

LaChapell Audio 500DT Channel Strip Features

  • 500 Series Tube Mic Preamp - An extremely versatile tube mic preamp in the 500 series format.
  • TrueTube Powered Tubes - TrueTube technology supplies both the plate and filament of the tube with the proper voltages they need to access the full characteristics of the tube. Other tube preamp designs cannot supply the needed 250V and don’t have the headroom or harmonics that characterize that classic tube sound.
  • Autoswitching front panel Hi-Z input - The front panel Hi-Z input allows the 500DT to be used as an instrument preamplifier. When a 1/4″ jack is inserted into the Hi-Z input, the 500DT switches into instrument mode, bypassing the input transformer so the instrument accesses the preamp directly.
  • Dual drive knobs - The Dual Drive knobs on the 500DT provide an incredible array of tonal options. The input knob drives the input preamp and the second knob drives the output for sounds ranging from pristine to gritty.
  • Dual Topology Mic Preamp - With both a Truetube powered full sized 12AX7 vacuum tube preamp AND a solid state preamp, the 500DT Dual Topology preamp is exceptionally versatile. Blend between the tube and solid state sides to mix the two sounds.

LaChapell Audio 500DT Channel Strip Specifications

  • Gain: 67 dBu
  • Impedance: 1.5Kohms Mic/10Kohms Hi-Z
  • Tube: 1x 12AX7 (ECC83)
    • THD+N: 0.08%
    • Freq Response: 20Hz-20kHz
    • EIN: 121
    • THD+N: 0.01%
    • Freq Response: 20Hz-46kHz
    • EIN:129

LaChapell Audio 500DT Channel Strip Includes

  • 500DT Preamp
  • Manual
  • 2 year warranty

What We Think

LaChapell 500DT - Solid State side is similar to the CS, but it is a little more forward sounding, has a little more of an "in your face" feel. Still a nicely balanced and natural sound with a robust fullness. The tube side is cleaner, more open sound, and actually has a brighter top (more clarity). Blending anywhere in between gives you a lot of tonal options. However, I personally enjoyed it in either full tube, or 50/50 the most (for my tests on acoustic guitar and vocals). With the input and output gains, you can do more out and less in for a cleaner sound, or more in and less out for a more saturated sound - whether you want more tube or transformer saturation or a blend (I preferred more of a blend). A very versatile pre.

- Ryan Pro Audio Sales

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