LaChapell Audio 500CS Channel Strip

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LaChapell Audio 500CS
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LaChapell Audio 500CS Channel Strip

The LaChapell Audio 500CS Channel Strip brings LaChapell to the world of solid state, with a prestine microphone pre-amp, VCA comp, and 3 band EQ, all in a compact two slot 500 series format. Further, the 500CS brings LaChapell's pro audio quality, and the power of a dual functioning unit within the reach of home studios.

The LaChapell Audio 500CS Channel Strip features a solid state preamp based on a pristine OpAmp, high pass and low pass filters, 3 band EQ, and VCA based compressor - all in one unit. The two "halves" (preamp and EQ/comp) of the unit can function independently, creating versatility. This allows you to record with the preamp, eq and compressor together, and then switch to "independent mode" and use the EQ and compressor side as an outboard signal processor.

LaChapell Audio 500CS Channel Strip Features

  • 500 Series Channel Strip - The 500CS Channel Strip is a two bay 500 series module that works with all 500 series frames and power supplies. Except of course single bay frames.
  • Mastering Grade EQ - A three band EQ with additional High and Low Pass Filters give flexibility to your tracking and mixing. The transparent mastering grade EQ was designed to minimize phase interactions.
  • Autoswitching front panel Hi-Z input - The front panel Hi-Z input allows the 500CS to be used as an instrument preamplifier. When a 1/4″ jack is inserted into the Hi-Z input, the 500CS switches into instrument mode.
  • Compressor - The two knob compressor on the 500CS gives you ratio and threshold controls for flexible but forgiving compression. Select between fast or slow attack and release, and hard and soft knee settings with dip switches on back panel.
  • Split Module and Bypass Functions - The 500CS Channel Strip works in series or independently. Press the Module Split button to use the 500CS as two separate modules. Each section can be bypassed also so that you can use just the EQ, or just the compressor

LaChapell Audio 500CS Channel Strip Specifications

    • Gain: 60 dB
    • THD+N: 0.0009%
    • Freq Response: 6Hz-45.5+kHz
    • EIN: -128
    • Impedance: 3Kohms Mic/20Kohms Hi-Z
  • EQ
    • Noise: Less than 94.5dB from 20hZ to 20kHz
    • THD+N: 0.0015%
    • Freq Response: 5Hz-36kHz (+/- .28 dBu)
    • Cut/Boost Range: +/- 12dB
    • High Pass: 6dB per octave at 142Hz
    • Low Pass: 6dB per octave at 7kHz
    • Type: VCA
    • Knee: Hard/Soft Selectable
    • Attack/Release Slow Attack: 5ms Release: 65ms
    • Attack/Rekease Fast Attack: 3ms Release :12ms

LaChapell Audio 500CS Channel Strip Includes

  • 500CS Channel Strip
  • Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty

What We Think

The Pre is balanced and robust. It has a natural but full sound, which adds a good weight to the music, and has a nice sound stage (for a solid state pre). The space it has was bigger than I expected (though still not as big as a tube). The EQ is simple and clean. You can boost a cut a lot without hearing artifacts. I found a little went a long way in shaping a sound, and it was very easy to dial in a great sound - which I like. The comp is super simple - threshold, ratio, make-up gain. It's an auto-comp, and it sounds great. The comp is very smooth and natural sounding. Sure you can push it and get washy cymbals and some pump if you want, but it does not have a breathy sound. And, even when pushing dramatically, the pump is not overly present. Having the ability to use as a channel strip, just a mic pre, or just an EQ (and/or) Comp is very flexible and powerful. If you are using in channel strip mod, both outputs are active and will output the same signal (whether the EQ and comp are engaged or not), so you can actually due some pseudo-stereo recording with it (kind of neat).

- Ryan Pro Audio Sales

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