Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation

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Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation
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Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation

The Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation is the ideal tool for broadcast dubbing and music and post-production, providing the perfect setting to interconnect and synchronize external audio/video systems and devices.

The Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation provides you with the perfect setting to interconnect external audio and video systems and devices with the Nuendo audio and post-production system. Rock-solid performance and true sample accuracy make the Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation a one-of-its-kind synchronizer solution.

DAW Users
With Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation, users of DAWs have the possibility to interconnect and synchronize external audio and video systems and devices with the DAW of their choice. Turning to the Nuendo audio and post-production system, here users enjoy the benefit of being able to easily control all the synchronizer’s functions from within Nuendo.

For movie post production involving audio editing, foley and voice recording, multi-channel mixing as well as DVD authoring, Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation provides with its vast I/O capability a single device which not only interconnects and syncs multiple DAWs and peripherals but allows for machine control of the Nuendo system from the mixing consoles desks.

Music Producers and Mixers
Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation supports VST System Link which allows the user to seamlessly interconnect Nuendo used for editing and mixing with a Cubase system running VST instruments and external MIDI devices. In addition, Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation provides the master clock source for all the studio’s audio gear.

Broadcast Dubbing Editor
Sound dubbing for broadcast requires a flexible solution which Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation is able to offer, synchronizing multiple Nuendo and other DAWs to handle audio playback and surround mixing including machine control and track arming for dubbers. Here Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation is used as the Virtual Master, generating timecode for all devices.

GPIO (General Purpose In/Out)
The GPIO interface included on Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation allows the control of external items such as video streamers, record or “on-air” signals and other features. Also, external switches may be used to enter record or activate the online status of Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation. The DB-25 connector allows GPI input and output to control external devices such as red light or lock indicator. Incoming GPI commands can be used to control specific functions in Nuendo.

VST System Link Integration
The VST System Link protocol by Steinberg allows the audio system and the synchronizer to exchange positioning information on a sample basis in order to further extend the accuracy of synchronization. The connections for VST System Link communication between the audio device and the synchronizer can be established in the following digital formats: AES/EBU as well as coaxial and optical S/PDIF.

LTC (Longitudinal Time Code)
Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation can read analog timecode (LTC) that has been recorded on a tape-based machine and use that to synchronize Nuendo to the tape transport. Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation will also generate LTC.

Machine Control
Using both MIDI Machine Control (MMC) and Sony 9-pin RS422 protocol, Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation allows Nuendo to control audio and video tape machines. This allows for easy locating of an entire system to a specific time code location. Plus, machine control can be used to arm tracks for recording and automating audio playback to VTRs using Nuendo’s punch features. (Master/slave machine control is provided via two dedicated RS422 ports (In & Out) utilizing the Sony 9-pin protocol. Master/slave machine control with two dedicated MIDI ports utilizing the MMC standard. All timecode functionalities can be used in addition to machine control operation).

External Workstations (DAWs, VVTR)
Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation can be used to synchronize other computer workstations such as computer video systems (Virtual VTR) and other DAW workstations by using MTC, word clock and video sync. This connection allows Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation to correct Nuendo’s position relative to the edge of each frame down to the sample. Since MIDI time code is used to send position data to Nuendo, it can only be accurate up to several milliseconds. The VST System Link connection is used to send sample accurate position information from Steinberg Nuendo back to Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation which then calculates an offset to correctly align Nuendo to the edge of the video frame. This is a unique and extremely accurate method of synchronization exclusively provided by Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation.

Tape Machines (Video and Audio)
Both video and audio tape machines have special needs when they are synchronized to digital audio systems. For starters, most analog tape transports and VTRs cannot be locked directly to the sample clock in order to maintain their speed. The solution is for Nuendo to be a slave to the tape machine and use, e.g., LTC (and the video sync signal) to set the position, the speed and the phase of the synchronized system. Secondly, since tape machines are mechanical and cannot locate instantly to any point, they require commands to be sent that will shuttle the tape to the desired position (FF, REW). This requires some form of machine control either using the 9-pin interface or MIDI Machine Control (MMC).

Sample-Accurate Sync
In today’s digital music and post-production environments, accurate synchronization between all devices is always necessary. Simple MTC and LTC (without additional word clock connections) cannot provide truly accurate sync. MTC by itself can vary up to several milliseconds. Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation can align the exact sample of audio to the leading edge of a video frame reference. Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation integrates the video frame reference, timecode and word clock so that accurate sync can be maintained between multiple audio devices connected to the Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation. Plus, special situations, such as pull down in film post-production, are seamless when video sync, timecode and word clock are handled by one device.

Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation Features

  • All important synchronization tasks are fulfilled within one unit
  • The world’s first sample accurate synchronizer in conjunction with VST System Link
  • Dedicated to Nuendo with a deep integration that ends up in an outstanding operation from within Nuendo
  • Designed and built by Colin Broad
  • Works with all DAWs (with some limitation), not just with Nuendo, even standalone operation is possible
  • Cross-platform support for Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation together with Nuendo on Mac OS X and Windows

Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation Specifications

  • Connections:
    • 5V DC input
    • USB 1.1
    • Timecode In/Out (XLR)
    • MIDI In/Out
    • Video Sync In/Thru (BNC) SD/HD, Bi-Level / Tri-Level Signals
    • Word Clock In (BNC)
    • Word Clock Out A-D (BNC) up to 192kHz
    • AES In/Out (XLR) up to 96kHz
    • AES In/Out (BNC) up to 96kHz
    • SPDIF In/Out (Coax) up to 96kHz
    • SPDIF In/Out (Optical) up to 96kHz
    • RS422 In/Out (9' D' Connector)
    • General Purpose In/Out Interface (25' D' Single Connector)
  • External Power: Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A 30VA;
  • Power Supply Output: DC 5V 2A
  • Dimensions: Front-panel 19" Rack-Mountable, 48.3 x 4.4 x 17.5cm
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Display: 14.7 x 1.2 cm (2 x 40 Characters)

Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation Includes

  • Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation
  • Operation Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

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