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The Steinberg Vintage Channel Strip consists of 3 plug-ins, the EQ 601, the Compressor 260 and the Compressor 276, reproducing the sound characteristics of several classic hardware EQ and compressor devices from the 1970s.

The Steinberg Vintage Channel Strip faithfully captures the analog circuitries of these hardware masterpieces. These plug-ins (the EQ 601, the Compressor 260 and the Compressor 276) are also fine-tuned by leading engineers and provide an interface that combines simplicity in operation with exceptional sounding results. All plug-ins are available in VST 3, VST 2.4 and AU format for multi-instance use within DAW hosts like Cubase or Nuendo.

EQ 601 — The Vintage Sound Experience
The EQ 601 combines the sound of a classic equalizer from the 1970s with a wide range of practical functions. The plug-in offers six fully paramtercial bands, allowing you to manipulate the frequency with highest precision. The lower and the upper band include shelving filters, whereas the four MID bands come with peaking filters, exactly reproducing the both the boost and cut frequency response of vintage analog gear. The Drive mode allows the engineer to bring back the original analoge distortion characteristics of the good old days to a modern DAW system.

Compressor 276 — Classic Style Compression
The 276 is a stereo compressor that has brought numerous professional productions to sonic perfection. Delivering classic-style compression based on the punch and fatness of the finest studio-grade hardware gear, the Compressor 276 is of the perfect choice for both acoustic instruments and vocals alike. The VCM technology enables you to experience the unique response and frequency characteristics of an analog hardware masterpiece from the 1970s.

Compressor 260 — Sound Reinforcement of the Late 1970s
The Compressor 260 reintroduces the classic sound of the acclaimed compressor/limiter modules utilized by audio professionals in the late 1970s. Painstakingly modeling the renowned solid-state voltage-controlled amplifiers and RMS detection circuitries, which have elevated the hardware originals to legendary status, the Compressor 260 excels in the studio and concert halls alike.

A Class of its Own: Yamaha's VCM Technology
Creating an exact digital image of world-class analog audio processors has always been a sought-after goal — until Yamaha, the world's largest and most successful manufacturer of quality musical instruments, introduced a revolutionary technology that allows to create highly accurate digital copies of analog hardware: Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM). VCM was developed by an engineering group led by Toshifumi Kunimoto, a senior engineer who was also responsible for the first physical modeling synthesizers, VL1 and VP1. VCM enables an ultra-realistic digital reproduction of individual components in analog circuits, such as resistors and capacitors. Besides modeling the functionality of a circuit and the interaction between single components, VCM focuses on an unprecedented musical simulation of analog sound qualities, including typical characteristics like saturation and non-linearity — subtleties that simple digital simulations can not capture. Each effect is carefully analyzed by some of the most experienced ears in the business and tweaked to provide the best-sounding results in today’s pro sound environment. Breathtakingly accurate, yet highly musical, the VCM technology is the most straightforward approach to analog sound modeling and is now available in the Yamaha Vintage Plug-in Collection.

Steinberg Vintage Channel Strip Features

  • EQ 601
    • Based on the legendary sound of a 1970's hardware equalizer
    • Six bands including two shelf-filters and four bands with filter-width regulation
    • Exact image of the famous equalizer circuitries from the 1970s
  • Compressor 276
    • Classic-style compression with analog-like punch and fatness
    • Based on the circuitry of the 1970's analog compressors
    • Internal High-Pass Filter Sidechain and extensive VU metering section
  • Compressor 260
    • Brings back the sound of the late 1970s compressors
    • Ideal for studio production and live sound reinforcement
    • Three types of compression allowing to experience different sound charateristics

Steinberg Vintage Channel Strip Specifications

  • System Requirements:
    • Mac OS X:
      • OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 / macOS 10.13
    • Windows:
      • Windows 7 / Windows 8.x / Windows 10
    • General:
      • Intel or AMD Dual Core CPU
      • 2 GB RAM
      • 8 GB Free HD Space
      • VST 2.4, VST 3 or AU Host Required DVD-ROM Dual-Layer Drive
      • Internet Connection Required for Activation, Account Setup and Personal / Product Registration
      • USB-eLicenser Required to Run this Product (not included)

Steinberg Vintage Channel Strip Includes

  • License for Steinberg Vintage Channel Strip

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