Stager SR-66 Ribbon Microphone


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The Stager SR-66 Ribbon Microphone is the latest from Stager Microphones and delivers long ribbon sound in an affordable package.

The SR-66 touts a 3 inch long by 1/4 inch wide corrugated aluminum ribbon framed with NeoDymium motor construction and stepped up by a proprietary 1:32 toroidal transformer. This purely passive design effortlessly captures transients and detail with extraordinary realism. The SR-66 excels mid to near field on sources from overheads to vocals. Machined in USA and made in Nashville, TN the SR-66 is easily positioned by a robust K&M microphone clip and housed for safe keeping in a foam lined wooden box. Tight low end with minimal proximity effect, relaxed mid range and detailed top end make the SR-66 a valuable addition to every mic locker.

Stager SR-66 Ribbon Microphone Features

  • Ribbon - 3" x .23" corrugated aluminum
  • Figure 8 polar pattern
  • NeoDymium magnets
  • Sensitivity -50 dBV/Pa
  • Purely Passive
  • Toroidal Transformer designed and made by Stager Microphones
  • Weight - 8.9 oz
  • Machined in USA made in Nashville,TN

Stager SR-66 Ribbon Microphone Includes

  • Stager SR-66 Ribbon Microphone
  • K&M Clip
  • Wooden Case

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  • 5
    Doesn't get much better

    The newest Stager mic is stunning, doesn't get much richer or truer to life than this. Excellent on solo/fingerpicked acoustic guitar, captures the midrange in a way that few do. Electric guitar, vocals, percussion, of course. Highly recommended.

What We Think


The Stager SR-66 Ribbon Microphone is another home run for Stager Microphones! It’s a ribbon mic, so you get that beautifully smooth top-end you’d expect, yet it’s also surprisingly open and detailed. You’re not going to hear a muddy or sporadic low-end with the SR-66; no sir, this mic is tight! Even the mid-range isn’t overly forward – it’s a very balanced ribbon mic. It sounds great on guitars and a pair would be well placed as room microphones when recording drums. Check out the SR-66 from Stager!

Wes DeLoach, Pro Audio Sales

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