Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone

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Stager SR-1A
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Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone

The Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone draws inspiration from the old days of the RCA ribbon mics. With a wound as big as it's looks, the SR-1A is sure to impress. The big mid presence, deep low end, and detailed yet smooth top, provide a large dimensional space - that is warm and full. The Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone is the perfect mic for distant miking any sound source, without losing body. Or up close for some power.

The Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone is hand-built in Nashville, Tennessee and designed for just two purposes: to sound stunning and also to outlive us all. Something's gotta outlive us all, right? With its brawny build and inviting tone, the Stager SR-1A ribbon mic has both feet in the past with a brain in the future. This mammoth ribbon mic has some of the biggest, truest bottom-end you could hope to hear from a ribbon or condenser or anything else that turns sound into electricity for that matter. And it's heavy. Physically heavy...and that ain't for no reason. The SR-1A houses massive alnico magnets around a long ribbon in a precision metal housing. The output transformer, also made in-house, is a new toroid design that's responsible for the deep bass and open, lulling top-end.

The Stager SR-1A ships in a handmade life-preserving wood box, which holds the microphone in an upright position and is an awesome handmade life-preserving wood box. Keep the microphone on a stand, or in the box. Don't leave it anywhere else. It's got gigantic magnets in it. Y'never know.

Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone Specifications

  • Proprietary Toroidal Transformer
  • Dual Alnico-5 magnets
  • .6 micron ribbon thickness (or, well, "thinness")
  • 50.8mm x 4mm ribbon
  • Laser cut pole pieces
  • Precision-machined aluminum, brass and steel
  • Military-spec silver plated wire
  • Weight - 5lb
  • limited lifetime re-ribbon guarantee

Stager SR-1A Ribbon Microphone Includes

  • SR-1A Ribbon Microphone
  • Yoke Mount
  • Wooden Storage Box
  • Manual

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