Stager SR-3 Ribbon Microphones

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Stager SR-3
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Stager SR-3 Ribbon Microphone

The Stager SR-3 Ribbon Microphone offers a huge modern sound that is great on vocals and acoustic instruments.

The Stager SR-3 Ribbon Microphone is hand-built in Nashville, Tennessee and designed for just two purposes: to sound stunning and also to outlive us all. Something's gotta outlive us all, right? With its brawny build and inviting tone, the Stager SR-3 Ribbon Microphone has both feet in the past with a brain in the future.

The Stager SR-3 Ribbon Microphone ships in a handmade life-preserving wood box, which holds the microphone in an upright position and is an awesome handmade life-preserving wood box. Keep the microphone on a stand, or in the box. Don't leave it anywhere else. It's got gigantic magnets in it. Y'never know.

Stager SR-3 Ribbon Microphone Features

  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Huge Sound Stage
  • Internal Shockmount Iso System
  • Passive, high output design
  • Toroidal Transformer designed and made by Stager Microphones
  • Weight - 30oz.
  • Polar Pattern - Figure Eight
  • Ribbon Dimensions - 2” X 0.25"
  • 1.8 micron ribbon thickness
  • Machined Aluminum Body

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Front End Audio

this is nice product

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