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Front End Audio has a fantastic deal on this B-Stock microphone! We have fully inspected this microphone and there is only a slight blemish in the microphone finish which is barely noticable. This blemish has absolutely no impact on the functionality or performance of this microphone. Otherwise, this microphone is brand new and carries a full manufacturers warranty.

The Soyuz Microphones 023 Brass Black is a limited edition version of the 023 Bomblet with an upgraded brass body and exclusive black finish. Only 80 microphones are available worldwide! In 2021, Soyuz introduced the world to a limited edition version of the renowned 017 Series microphone. Dubbed the “Brass Black,” these mics featured a one-of-a-kind finishing process that still remains to be seen elsewhere in the pro audio world. Now, the 023 Bomblet is receiving the same exclusive treatment in a deluxe format. Limited to just 80 microphones worldwide, the 023 Brass Black delivers in terms of both style and sound. Each mic features a beautiful black finish created through the time-honored tradition known as bluing. The 023 Brass Black offers the same sonic signature as the original 023 Bomblet while also incorporating an upgraded solid brass body.

The Return Of Brass Black
As a nod to the history of its hometown of Tula, Soyuz is reviving the same bluing process used for the initial Brass Black Series to create this special edition microphone. While this method was traditionally used to ensure metal wouldn’t rust, the visual aesthetic of the black finish is simply second to none. Soyuz utilizes an upgraded brass version of the microphone’s traditional body and subjects it to a passivation process to achieve its unique hue and patina. By oxidizing the brass, the expert team at Soyuz creates a protective coat of magnetite on the body of the mic. The final result is a one-of-a-kind finish for a world-class FET microphone.

A New Look For A Timeless FET MIc
Aside from its stylish appearance and upgraded body, the 023 Brass Black is the same microphone that has won over engineers and musicians all over the world. This FET large diaphragm condenser has earned a reputation as a studio workhorse that expertly captures everything from guitar cabs and kick drums to vocals and strings with the same full-bodied sound at any distance. The 023 Bomblet is incredibly easy to use and will deliver consistent results on every source and session. Its forgiving top-end, smooth midrange and thick lows make it the primary choice for singers looking for a warm, colorful texture without hiding their original tonality. High SPL and bass-heavy sources are captured with a focused, robust punch and clarity that cuts through dense mixes. On brighter sources, the 023 Bomblet will easily tame aggressive higher frequencies without sacrificing transients or details.

Beyond The Brass Black
Inside of the 023 Brass Black, the 023 Bomblet’s custom, hand-machined S23 capsule remains integral to the mic’s ability to capture vocals and instruments with a distinct color. This Soyuz-created capsule is a reimagining of Lomo’s Russian version of the fabled CK12 capsule. The mic also uses the same custom toroidal transformer as all other Soyuz Microphones. This transformer imparts both color and depth on all sources and will enhance the tones you've worked hard to craft in your studio.

A Rare Piece Of Soyuz History
The Brass Black Series offers Soyuz a chance to experiment with its microphones and create something extra special. Just like its predecessors, the 023 Brass Black will be made in an extremely limited edition production run. There will only be 80 Brass Black microphones made and divided among retailers around the world.

Soyuz Microphones 023 Bomblet Microphone Features

  • Exclusive Brass Black custom finish
  • Upgraded brass microphone body
  • Limited to 80 mics worldwide
  • Thick low-end, pronounced mid-range and smooth top-end
  • Includes 20 dB pad for loud sources
  • Custom large capsule designed and machined in-house
  • Proprietary toroidal transformer imparts color and depth
  • Comes in a hand-crafted hardwood box
  • 100% handmade at the Soyuz Base in Tula, Russia

Soyuz Microphones 023 Bomblet Microphone Includes

  • Soyuz 023 Bomblet Microphone
  • Wooden Microphone Suitcase
  • Custom Shockmount
  • Mic Clip
  • -20 dB pad
  • Mic Cable
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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