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The Slate Digital FG-X 2 Mastering Plug-in Bundle, imagine mastering your mixes without causing the lifeless, squashed, and over compressed sound that has become so common in modern music - now you can with FG-X 2!

Looking for a mastering solution that does it all? FG-X 2 is powered by two incredible modules: FG-Comp and FG-Level. FG-Comp is designed to maintain all the original punch and transients of your mix. FG-Level is an intelligent processor whose algorithm analyzes the input signal to determine whether to apply saturation or limiting based on the unique frequency content of your track.

FG-X 2 features four modes that were carefully crafted to cover everything from extremely transparent limiting with zero pumping all the way to loud processing with gorgeous, colorful saturation. Once you find the sound you’re looking for, adjust your overall level with the Gain knob.

FG-X 2 comes with two presentation and processing views: Easy, the default setting for a fast & loud result, and Advanced, which unleashes an extra set of parameters for more advanced users. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned studio veteran, FG-X 2 has everything you need to get the job done—and then some.

The introduction of FG-X 2 turns the All Access Pass into the only mixing & mastering toolkit you’ll ever need. FG-X 2 joins a lineup of exceptional EQs, compressors, and faithful emulations of some of the most legendary pieces of analog mixing gear ever made. With FG-X 2, you can get the pro mix & master you’ve been looking for, entirely in the box, and entirely in the All Access Pass.

Slate Digital FG-X 2 Mastering Plug-in Bundle (Download) Includes

  • License for FG-X2 Mastering Plug-in
  • Digital Manual

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  • 5
    It keeps the transients well.
    Surin Song

    This plug-in has something special preserving the transients while I pump up the volume to a mastering level. So it feels transparent but still punchy!

  • 4
    yeah, it's good, really good
    Stephen Layton

    I hope you're working on other calssic desk emulations... steal some thunder from UA

  • 5
    Another Great Tool From Slate
    Michael Myers

    This plugin defines the instruments in your mix. It maintains the dynamics that other plugins lose. Most importantly, it is easy to use and well worth the money that I paid for it. I use it in my company's audio/video studio every day. It has definitely improved my audio mixes.

  • 5
    The Slate Digital FG-X
    Aaron Fields

    The slate digital FG-X is a monster plug-in, it has endless applications at the mixing and mastering stages. It has become my new favorite tool in my arsenal of plug-ins.

  • 5
    Slate FG-x
    Dairocas Archie D'

    The most transparent yet punchy, loud yet never muddy and pristine sounding mastering plug-in!

  • 5
    Great mastering options
    Lowell Rice

    Excellent software mastering solution. Very expressive results.

  • 5
    Another Stevie-Fabbie Wonder!

    Fantastic "mastering" plug! Brings out the best in a mix (more of everything!). Only qualm though... very high CPU load (but then you can't have everything, can you?). The special price (good onya FEA) certainly made this an attractive buy. (Just ordered a couple of Waves "Cool Combos" for a ridiculously great price, too. Stop Press: Wow, they've already arrived, as I write this!! Thanx FEA). Anyway, back to FG-X... buy it, you'll like it!!

  • 5
    Marcus Hoffman

    Best ITB compressor/limiter I've used, can make a track bang without smashing the transients to bits, so ideal for rock especially.

  • 5
    A sweet piece of gear
    Joey Daddario

    The more I use it the more I like it. No matter how great my tracks sound when I'm finished mixing, the FG-X gets the mix to sound better.