Sabra-Som SSM1 Shock Mount

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Sabra-Som SSM1
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Sabra-Som SSM1 Shock Mount

Sabra-Som SSM1 Shock Mount

Sabra-Som SSM1 Details
You will find an improvement in lowered noise-floor in almost EVERY recording or stage situation. Engineers KNOW that the first solution, before equalization, feedback suppression, noise gates and other audio "fixes" MUST be an ACOUSTIC solution. Acoustic improvements from using the SABRA-SOM SSM-1 are often drastic and immediate. The SSM-1 allows the live engineer to recover the low end and low-mid efficiency of the system while sourcing the true response of the mic.

Studio engineers have long known the necessity for good shockmounts in getting the REAL sound of any mic. - although the price of some manufacturers assemblies have seemed outrageous. Small project studio engineers can now have the same quality shockmounts as large studios - but for every mic and at a fraction of the cost!

When a microphone picks up an audio signal, It also picks-up unwanted mechanical noise through the microphone stand. This is caused by vibrations in the vicinity - the kick drum, low frequencies from amplifiers, an artist's movements, etc., etc.

It's common for people to seek an electronic solution to this problem, such as use of a noise gate, re-equalization (elimination of low frequencies), etc. Such signal manipulations interfere with the dynamics of the reproduced sound, reducing head room and degrading signal quality and "naturalness."

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    Great tool, very good value for price

    Posted by Anthony Davis on May 16th 2012

    I bought this to use with SM81's and MD441's. It fits both mics equally well: very secure hold and excellent isolation. I like that it's small and out-of-the-way compared to other universal shockmounts I've used. I've not been as pleased with it's performance on thicker, large diaphragm mics (that's fine, don't need it for that). For pencil condensers and handheld-sized mics, it's fantastic! It's made mostly of plastic (but is metal where is "counts" so I can't complain), but I imagine that an all metal construction would up the price substantially. All-in-all it's built very well and seems to be rugged-enough for daily use/touring. My only real complaint is the thread for where it attaches to a mic stand. The thread is VERY shallow, and appears to be pretty soft metal. I immediately secured a "thread saver" (short 5/8-27 to 5/8-27 "adapter") to it with some thread locker so it's no longer an issue. I'd certainly buy this again--and plan to!