Introducing The Rupert Neve Newton Channel Strip!

Introducing The Rupert Neve Newton Channel Strip!

By Front End Audio on Jun 1st 2023

Introducing The Rupert Neve Newton Channel Strip!

Rupert Neve Designs has just released the new Rupert Neve Newton Channel Strip! The Newton Channel Strip is a powerful channel strip consisting of a mic pre, EQ, and compressor, that is tonally flexible giving you everything for modern clean to vintage character. The mic pre offers 72dB of gain and a variable hi-pass filter. The EQ is a 3-band musical discrete EQ, and the compressor is a fast and versatile VCA based comp. And of course, the Newton features the iconic "Silk" tone that RND products are so well known and loved for, as well as custom designed transformers for a lush sonic character.

Rupert Neve Designs has stated:
"Born from a legendary sonic lineage, the Newton’s intuitive design provides classic sound on demand, with all the instantly-recognizable character, musical tone-shaping abilities, and proven reliability that define a Rupert Neve Designs product. The Newton is equally well-suited for a project studio, large-scale commercial facility or live sound rig – giving more engineers, producers, and artists a chance to join the RND family than ever before.

The name originates with Rupert’s birthplace – Newton Abbot, England – and reflects the sonic journeys of his life: from Newton Abbot to Wimberley, vintage to modern, and everything in between. This is a truly versatile, world-class channel strip capable of bringing any source to life with the classic sound of Rupert Neve Designs."

The Rupert Neve Newton Channel Strip is sure to be a go to channel strip for those working primarily on vocal recording, and prove to be highly useful for processing prerecorded audio tracks as well, as the main input accepts both mic and line level signals. Further, the Newton's compressor section can be linked to the compressor section of a second Newton to create a stereo linked unit for tracking and mixing purposes! Adding even more flexibility the compressor can be placed both pre and post the EQ, so you can process as you see fit. Of course the EQ and comp can be completely bypassed if you are just needing to us the preamp section.

The Rupert Neve Newton Channel Strip debuted at $1,999.00 and is available for purchase now at Front End Audio! If you have any questions about the Newton Channel Strip or any of Rupert Neve's other products, just give us a call! We'll be happy to assist.


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