Royer R-121 Electric Guitar Microphone Package

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Electric Guitar Microphone Package

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Royer R-121 Electric Guitar Microphone Package

The Royer R-121 Electric Guitar Microphone Package gives you everything you need right out of box to capture a legendary guitar tone. This package includes a Royer R-121, a Shure SM57, a Royer AxeMount and a pair of Mogami cables - all at a great price!

The The R-121 & SM57 combo is legendary for capturing electric guitars - and this is your ultimate electric guitar recording package. It's no secret that the Royer R121 is long revered as “the quintessential rock guitar mic”. It's accuracy in the mids really allow you to capture the tone of a guitar/guitar speaker properly. But, there is a shimmer that seems to be best captured by the Shure SM57 – and this is why the combination of a Royer R121 and Shure SM57 combined, has been a long used and loved guitar recording technique. Now with the Royer AxeMount, you have one mic mount that holds both the R121 and the SM57. First you can actually get the mics properly close now (due to the AxeMount design), secondly you only have to use one stand (so a lot easier to set up, with less real estate being used up) - this also does help with cable management. Combined with a pair of Mogami cables so you know you signal is pristine!

Front End Audio has even gone a step further to round out this package by giving you the opportunity to add a Crimson Audio Mogaine to the bundle. The Mogaine is a dual channel "pre" preamp that delivers 25dB of low distortion, wide bandwidth, quiet gain for your microphones! 

Front End Audio bundles are a "best deal" opportunity and are not eligible for sales or discounts. We work hard to maximize the value of your purchase!

Royer R-121 Electric Guitar Microphone Package Includes

  • 1x Royer R-121
  • 1x Shure SM57
  • 1x Royer AxeMount
  • 2x Mogami Gold Microphone Cables

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