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The Radial JS3 Microphone Splitter is a high performance balanced mic level splitter that lets you split a signal and feed multiple destinations at the same time. Equipped with two isolated outputs and a premium Jensen transformer, the JS3 is easy to use, flexible and sounds great!

The Radial JS3 Microphone Splitter's typical applications include splitting a signal in the studio to feed more than one preamp, feeding a stage mic to more than one mixing console, or even splitting the signal to a live PA during a broadcast event.

The Radial JS3 is equipped with two isolated outputs. The engine inside both units is a premium Jensen transformer. It features a nickel laminated core for exceptionally low harmonic distortion without the usual phase shift and limited bandwidth typically introduced by lesser designs. The Radial JS3 deliver better than 90dB of noise rejection, eliminating troublesome noise caused by stray DC voltage and hum & buzz caused by ground loops. The signal path is 100% discrete and incorporates RF filtering for even greater noise suppression. These 'problem-solvers' offer a simple yet highly effective interface for microphones or direct boxes, and by engaging the built-in -30dB pad, consumer and line level devices may also be connected without distortion or fear of overload due to saturation.

As with all Radial products, both mic splitters feature rugged 14-gauge steel construction for maximum durability. A unique book-end design creates a protective zone for switches and connectors against the harsh environment of concert touring while the internal I-beam frame makes it virtually impossible to torque the PC board which could otherwise compromise the sensitive solder joints. The innovative design also has the unique advantage of allowing up to 8 units to be rack-mounted using the Radial J-Rak™.

The Radial JS3... split the mic signal without compromising your sound.

Radial JS3 Microphone Splitter Features

  • Jensen® transformer-equipped for optimal signal transfer
  • Choice of 2-way or 3-way designs for extra flexibility
  • Compact design, up to 8 may be rack mounted in a J-Rak™
  • Ultra rugged 14-gauge steel construction for added durability
  • Jensen transformers for best sound
  • Plug & play and easy-to-use
  • Completely passive, no power needed
  • Provides recording feed from a live performance
  • Distributes line-level signals

Radial JS3 Microphone Splitter Applications

  • Using the JS3 to feed three mixers - Sometimes, you need to feed the main mixer, stage monitors and a recorder at the same time. The Radial JS3 makes hook-up easy with XLR input, direct out and two isolated outputs. These eliminate ground loops when connecting multiple mixers at the same time.

Radial JS3 Microphone Splitter Specifications

  • Technical Specs:
    • Audio Circuit Type: Passive mic/line splitter, transformer based
    • Number of Channels: Three-way splitter (one in/three out)
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz (+0dB/ -2dB)
    • Dynamic Range: 140dB
    • Maximum Input: +25dBu @ 1kHz
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0005% @ 1kHz
    • Phase Deviation: 0.7° @ 100Hz; 2.8° @ 20Hz
    • Input Impedance: 2.4k Ohms, unbalanced
    • Output Impedance: 150 Ohms, balanced
  • Features:
    • JS3 Transformer: JT-MB-DPC, 1:1:1 ratio
    • Shield: Dual Faraday, MuMETAL® can
    • Input Pad: -30dB (allows line-level sources)
    • Ground Lift: Disconnects XLR pin-1 at direct-2 and isolated output
    • XLR Configuration: AES standard (pin-2 hot)
    • Connectors: XLR-F in, XLR-M direct; direct-2; isolated outputs
  • General:
    • Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis & outer shell
    • Finish: Durable powder coat
    • Size (W x H x D): 84 x 127 x 48mm (3.3" x 5.0" x 2")
    • Weight: 0.70 kg (1.55 lbs)
    • Shipping Size (W x H x D): 102 x 76 x 165mm (4" x 3" x 6.5")
    • Shipping Weight: .87 kg (1.92 lbs)
    • Power: Passive, no power required
    • Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C

Radial JS3 Microphone Splitter Includes

  • Radial JS3 Microphone Splitter
  • User Guide
  • 3 Year Warranty

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  • 5
    Radial JS3 Microphone Splitter is awesome!
    Bill- Yetti

    The JS3 is such a great box, more than just a mic splitter, but the ability for COMPARING 3 different mic preamps at the same time. Also the ability to use your favorite mic pre insert, and split that output signal to both your DAW and to a X-Box (reamp box) for real time recording of both.

  • 4
    Radial JS3 Microphone Splitter
    Stu Miller

    Does what the manufacturer claims. No signal degradation that I can tell. A bit on the expensive side, compared to some other mic splitters, but it works as advertised so the money wasn't wasted (can't say that about all my sound- equipment purchases unfortunately!). Appears to be a good quality item. I bought three of them and hope to eventually purchase five more and build a rack of eight using Radial's optional rack assembly.