Radial JR2 ABI Foot Switch

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Product Code: 9999-13145
Radial JR2
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Radial JR2 ABI Foot Switch

The Radial JR2 ABI Foot Switch allows you to change channels on your Firefly hands free and quickly, while letting you tune your instrument silently.

The Radial JR2 ABI Foot Switch is an innovative remote control that is equipped with two footswitches - designated as MUTE and AB select. Although designated this way, the actual functionality of the Radial JR2 ABI Foot Switch depends on the specific Radial product that is connected. The Radial JR2 ABI Foot Switch connects to the device using a standard balanced audio cable with choice of ¼" TRS or XLR connections. The Radial JR-2 ABI Foot Switch is unique in that it derives its power from the device being controlled which in turn illuminates the on-board LED indicators to show the remote status. Both switches are latching type.

Radial JR2 ABI Foot Switch Features

  • Take command of your DI box via footswitch
  • Change channels and mute your output
  • Rugged footswitch built for years of use

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