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The Pro Co You Dirty RAT Distortion Pedal is a brilliant blend and balance between that vintage fuzz sound, and the classic balls to the wall RAT distortion. It is a sound that is sure to excite and inspire.

The Pro Co You Dirty RAT Distortion Pedal is the most classic sounding of all RAT distortion pedals. Think ’60s garage rock. Think early punk. Think about the bands that changed the sound of rock ‘n’ roll. The key to the You Dirty RAT tone is in its germanium clipping diodes. Any pedal aficionado will tell you that nothing compares to the warm tone that these sought after components provide. This pedal is the perfect middle ground between distortion and fuzz, combining the characteristic cutting RAT tone with the warmth of a classic fuzz-tone. The You Dirty RAT also provides 3 dB more compression than the original RAT. This not only provides more “tube amp warmth,” but adds extra sustain.

Pro Co You Dirty RAT Distortion Pedal Features

  • 100% analog signal path
  • Classic, virtually indestructible steel enclosure
  • Heavy-duty, industrial footswitches, knobs, and jacks
  • On/Off LED indicator
  • ʚloped face for easy stomping
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Graphics
  • Military-spec glass-epoxy circuit board
  • “No tools required” battery compartment (battery not included)
  • 2.1mm standard barrel jack 9v Operation (RPS-2 power supply sold seperately)

Pro Co You Dirty RAT Distortion Pedal Includes

  • You Dirty RAT Distortion Pedal
  • Manual
  • Five year limited warranty

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I generally do not like Fuzz pedals. There is something about them that just always sounded cheap to me. So I was a bit reluctant to try the You Dirty RAT. As a long time RAT owner, user, and lover - I wanted to stay away from anything Fuzz, that might "taint the RAT name". Boy was I an idiot for that. This pedal is cool. While it does have that fizzy sizzle to it that is characteristic of a Fuzz, it is still at it's core a RAT distortion pedal. You can the meat of a RAT2, with a gentle presence of Fuzz sizzle, and a more subtle classic RAT filter. I really like this pedal in front of a dirty amp, where the pedal is contouring a little with the filter, balancing with the volume, and then adding a bit more dimension, depth, and grit with the distortion/fuzz. I'm not going to say I like Fuzz pedals now, but I do like the RAT's take on them.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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