Pro Co Deucetone RAT Distortion Pedal

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Pro Co Deucetone RAT
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Pro Co Deucetone RAT Distortion Pedal

The Pro Co Deucetone RAT Distortion Pedal is a powerhouse pedal. A clear reinvention of the classic RAT R2DU, the Deucetone expands on the dual RAT design, providing flexible routing for dual channel, stereo, or cascade use, and provides more expansive tone shaping by giving you three different types of selectable RAT pedals per channel. The tone shaping possibilities are endless!

The Pro Co Deucetone RAT Distortion Pedal is the ultimate Swiss army knife for the analog guitarist. Consisting of two independent RAT units, each Deucetone channel can be used separately, in stereo, or cascaded together for the most insane distortion on earth. As if that weren’t enough, each channel is switchable between three RAT settings. Channel A features the Vintage RAT, Turbo RAT, and Dirty RAT, while Channel B gives you the choice of Vintage RAT, Turbo RAT, or Clean RAT tones. The Clean RAT is a clean boost, a tone only available in the Deucetone RAT. That’s like having six RAT pedals in one unit. Used separately or cascaded, you have fifteen RAT tones at your feet.

Pro Co Deucetone RAT Distortion Pedal Features

  • 100% analog path signal
  • Classic, virtually indestructible steel enclosure
  • Heavy-duty, industrial footswitches, knobs, and jacks
  • On/Off LED indicator
  • Sloped face for easy stomping
  • Glow in the dark graphics
  • Military-spec glass-epoxy circuit board
  • "No tools required" battery compartment (9 volt not included)

Pro Co Deucetone RAT Distortion Pedal Includes

  • Deucetone RAT Distortion Pedal
  • Manual
  • Five year limited warranty

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