Primacoustic TriPad Tripod Microphone Stand Isolator


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The Primacoustic TriPad Tripod Microphone Stand Isolator is designed to reduce disruptive resonance and noise from the studio floor, stage or drum riser from entering the microphone and contaminating the recording.

The Primacoustic TriPad Tripod Microphone Stand Isolator provides effective isolation of structure-borne vibration from coupling through the mic stand into the microphone. When recording, capturing the true essence of the instrument is achieved by placing the microphone far enough away so that the instrument as a whole along with the direct sound field will be taken in. As you move the mic away from the source, the sensitivity of the microphone is increased and background noise invariably gains prominence.

Noise, like sound is a vibration. Common sources are street traffic, foot steps, heat and air conditioning systems, and other instruments. These are transmitted through the air and by vibrating through solids such as the floor and a microphone stand. The Primacoustic TriPad eliminates floor-borne vibrations by introducing a ‘spring-like’ isolation pad that essentially floats the microphone stand and decouples it from the floor.

The design is undeniably simple, yet incredibly effective. It begins with high density open-cell acoustic foam that has been modified for greater firmness to better stabilize the mic stand. It is then cut into a simple disc shape, drilled at a precise angle to match the industry standard K&M 201 tripod stand and then cut again to provide an access slot for quick mounting. Once in place the Primacoustic TriPad stays attached onto the mic stand making it easy to pick up and relocate. The benefits are immediately obvious: you get more of the instrument less background noise. This in turn means you can achieve desirable results without having to introduce radical equalization curves as a means to correct embedded problems.

The Primacoustic TriPad is a modestly priced yet highly effective tripod mic stand isolator that will quietly go about improving the sound of your recording every day! Comes shipped in a set of three units in a handy storage tube.

Primacoustic TriPad Tripod Microphone Stand Isolator Features

  • Isolates the microphone stand from studio floor
  • Eliminates disruptive resonance from entering the mic
  • Cleans up signal for less noise when recording
  • Improves clarity to deliver more natural sound

Primacoustic TriPad Tripod Microphone Stand Isolator Specifications

  • Material: High Density Open Cell Acoustic Foam
  • Dimensions: 4” x 2.25” (102mm x 57mm)
  • Center Bore: 1" (24mm) - Fits Standard Tripod Mic Stands Legs
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Package: Set of Three

Primacoustic TriPad Tripod Microphone Stand Isolator Includes

  • 1 x Primacoustic TriPad Tripod Microphone Stand Isolator (Set of Three)
  • 30 Days Warranty

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