Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Stand Isolator

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Primacoustic KickStand
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Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Stand Isolator

The Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Stand Isolator is a heavy-duty mic boom-arm isolator that combines a massive stabilizing base with an isolation pad to eliminate resonance from the stage, drum riser and studio floor from entering the microphone.

The Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Stand Isolator is designed to eliminate disruptive resonance from the microphone stand and improves transient response of the microphone. A common problem with bass guitar and kick drum is resonance on a live stage. This is generally caused by low frequencies coupling with the wood flooring which will combine with the instrument at certain frequencies and generate unwanted peaks and valleys. Another problem is the physical vibration from the kick drum pedal and low-end from the PA system that causes the drums to rattle and transmit through the drum riser. Microphones that are near these sources are prone to picking up these unwanted sounds. The Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Boom Stand Isolator helps eliminate the problem by decoupling the microphone stand from the stage while introducing a stabilizing mass to hold the microphone firmly in place.

The design begins with a thick, high-density open cell acoustic foam isolation pad that covers the entire bottom plate. An innovative laser cut steel platform is ‘wedge’ shaped to eliminate standing waves while offering sufficient height to allow a boom-arm to be articulated into the ideal position. The isolation eliminates the resonance while the added mass stabilizes the microphone capsule for greater clarity and improved transient response. Although originally developed for bass drum, the Primacoustic KickStand is very effective on electric guitar, bass and other instruments that generate low frequencies or may be subject to floor resonance from entering the mic via the microphone stand.

Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Stand Isolator Features

  • Combination boom-stand base and vibration isolator
  • Eliminates disruptive resonance from the microphone stand
  • Improves transient response of the microphone
  • Makes getting the sound you want fast and mixing easier

Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Stand Isolator Specifications

  • Base Material: High Density Open Cell Foam
  • Stabilizing Material: Laser Cut 3/8" Steel Powder Coated Black Textured Finish
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 7.25” x 9.5” x 4” 184mm x 241mm x 102mm
  • Color Steel: Black Finish, Paintable
  • Foam: Charcoal

Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Stand Isolator Includes

  • 1x Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Boom Stand Isolator
  • 1x Quick Release Tightening Knob
  • 1x Lock Washer
  • 1x Threaded Mic Adapter
  • 30 Days Warranty

Primacoustic KickStand Microphone Stand Isolator Downloads

What We Think

"The Primacoustic KickStand delivers results that you can measure and, more importantly, hear when comparing against recording with conventional mic stands. When you stop and think about it, the vibrations that a stand transfers to the microphone element will product comb filtering - meaning that you get a less defined and less optimal signal transferred from the most critical stage of recording: the initial capturing of the acoustic energy of the source you are recording! I find that there is much less muddy low end and a much nicer and more well defined signal all the way around. This goes for guitar and bass recording, as well. It didn't take long for me to be sold on the KickStand. But then again, it didn't take long for me to be sold on the Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers, either - which I also immediately bought after doing an "A-B" comparison. I just can't help but think about wanting the same thing from a standard tall boom stand - especially since so many inexpensive shockmounts these days seem to be too tight to actually do any good. Thankfully Primacoustic has the new TriPads as well. "One thing you'll have to do when purchasing the KickPad is to select the proper boom or booms for your applications, since the KickStand is just the base unit. We went ahead and selected a few of perfect choices and added them to the Accessories section just below. You can check the box next to one of them and add the KickStand to your cart, and the boom will appear with the KickStand. "So, the bottom line is that we love the KickPad, and we think you will too."

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