Omnirax ProStation MC Workstation


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The Omnirax ProStation MC Workstation is a highly versatile and functional desk, perfectly sized for a keyboard controller or a mixer. The ProStation MC offers an efficient and ergonomic solution, enabling you to focus on your creative work while maintaining a clean and productive environment.

The Omnirax ProStation MC comes with two lower bays, one providing 12 rack spaces and the other 6 spaces, along with a sliding shelf for a computer or other peripherals. This layout allows easy access to your equipment and fosters an efficient and organized workspace. An innovative 8-space riser bridge is a standout feature of the Omnirax ProStation MC, offering additional rack-mount module storage and ample space for a video monitor and near-field monitors. With modules at arm's reach and enough room on top for precise positioning of near-field monitors, the Omnirax ProStation ensures a comfortable and ergonomic setup, enhancing your productivity and creativity.

The Omnirax ProStation MC Workstation's riser support is designed with a 46" x 4 1/2" cutaway, enabling you to install the optional computer keyboard shelf (KMS3) for convenient access during composing mode. When in mixing mode, the riser is inverted to provide direct access to the rear panel inputs, allowing for seamless adjustments to your audio setup. Additionally, the center span of the riser is cut away to hold any video monitor up to 31" wide at an optimal height and distance for comfortable and healthy viewing, making it an excellent choice for video editing or media production tasks.

The Omnirax ProStation MC Workstation offers flexibility in its configuration, with optional KMS3 or KMS4 computer keyboard/mouse shelves. The KMS3 can be mounted under the bridge, providing 5.75" below for the keyboard controller, while the KMS4 can be mounted below the desk top, offering additional keyboard/mouse placement options to suit your preferences. For added convenience, the Omnirax ProStation MC sits on heavy-duty casters, providing mobility and making it easy to adjust the workstation's position within your workspace. The casters also facilitate easy cabling, ensuring a tidy and organized workspace.

Special Note

Unless otherwise noted, all Omnirax furniture comes in standard Black Melamine finish. Optional finishes are available so please contact us for your customized quote. See product description for detailed information on what accessories are included with your Omnirax furniture. Some accessories that may be shown in product pictures are optional and will not be included. All Omnirax furniture is built-to-order so expect a lead time prior to shipping.

Omnirax ProStation MC Workstation Features

  • Versatile workstation for keyboard composing/editing or 8-bus mixer housing
  • Wide desk suitable for an 88-note controller keyboard or 8-bus mixer
  • Two lower bays with 12 and 6 rack spaces, plus sliding shelf for computer or peripherals
  • Innovative 8-space riser bridge for additional rack-mount modules, video monitor, and near-field monitors
  • Optional KMS3 or KMS4 computer keyboard/mouse shelves for easy access and customization
  • Desk height of 26.5" with 9.4" clearance under the bridge
  • Optimal video monitor placement with cutaway center span for healthy and comfortable viewing
  • Oval grommets for computer ventilation
  • Heavy-duty casters for mobility and easy cabling

Omnirax ProStation MC Workstation Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 45.5"
    • Depth: 36"
    • Width: 72.25"
    • Weight: 275 lbs.
    • Rackspace: 26
  • Details:
    • Desk Surface Dimensions: 31.3" x 70.8"
    • Desk Surface Height: 26.3"
    • Desk Space in Front of Bridge: 22.75"
    • Nearfield Monitor Height: 45.25"
    • Video Monitor Shelf: 31" W
    • Clearance Below Bridge: 10.25"

Omnirax ProStation MC Workstation Includes

  • Omnirax ProStation MC Workstation
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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