Neumann KH 750 Subwoofer

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Neumann KH 750
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Neumann KH 750 Subwoofer

The Neumann KH 750 Subwoofer is the ideal choice for smaller rooms and smaller studio monitors.

It has a unique and flexible 2.0/0.1 Bass Manager that allows for the subwoofer to be used in many different system configurations. The back panel features analog and digital inputs and outputs, four routing modes, fourth-order DSP crossovers and adaptable acoustical controls to allow for seamless system integration.

Via standard IP networking, Neumann.Control gives full access
 to all the functions of the KH 750 DSP Subwoofer that are not
 currently available via the back panel. Systems of loudspeakers
 can be defined, from mono to 3D, aligned for a good in-room
 sound, and then operated centrally: Setup, Align, Operate. At
 last, you do not need to be an expert to bring a subwoofer into a
 room, even a small room.

The KH 750 DSP subwoofer is designed to complement
 Neumann’s extensive range of monitors, and can be used in
 music, broadcast, and post production studios for tracking,
 mixing, and mastering.

Neumann KH 750 Subwoofer Features

  • Decreases the bass extension of the monitoring system
  • Increases the maximum SPL of loudspeakers
  • Decreases harmonic and intermodulation distortion of loudspeakers
  • Reproduces the LFE channel
  • Reproduces the “Sub” signal of a bass managed multichannel source
  • Makes a Plane Wave Bass ArrayTM system
  • Works as an extension for KH 810, KH 870 and KH 805 subwoofer systems

Neumann KH 750 Subwoofer Specifications

  • Driver: 10"
  • Watts: 256
  • Frequency: 18 - 300 Hz
  • SPL: 105 dB

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