MXL R77 Ribbon Microphone


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The MXL R77 Ribbon Microphone is a classic ribbon microphone that delivers unbelievably natural sound and stunning realism to vocal and instrument recordings.

The MXL R77 Ribbon Microphone is a stunning ribbon microphone in a custom gold and chrome finish that delivers natural sound and realism to both vocal and instrument recordings. Ribbon microphones are known for their rich, warm sound and have been used to capture some of the most legendary recordings in history. The 1.8 micron aluminum ribbon and figure-8 pickup pattern extend the "sweet spot" with a wider pickup pattern. The MXL R77 Ribbon Microphone has more extended upper-range sensitivity than other ribbon mics making it a terrific choice when additional clarity is needed. If you've never experienced using a ribbon microphone, the MXL R77 is certain to expand your horizons.

The MXL R77 Ribbon microphone uses an aluminum ribbon transducer which by nature is a bidirectional (figure-8) pickup pattern. A figure-8 pattern will pick up sounds from the front and back sides of the microphone with equal sensitivity while maintaining a large amount of rejection 90° off access. The front of the MXL R77 Microphone is indicated by the MXL logo where the audio signal is “in-phase” while the back side has an inverted phase. Ribbon mics typically have a lower output than condenser microphones and may require a preamplifier with a lot of gain. It is highly recommended to use a preamp with low noise, high gain, and an input impedance of 1500 ohms or greater.

MXL R77 Ribbon Microphone Features

  • Durable, high-quality ribbon mic in a custom gold and chrome finish
  • Warm sound with a robust low end and a full midrange
  • Figure-8 polar pattern that captures instruments and room sound
  • High SPL capability—ideal for horns and electric guitars

MXL R77 Ribbon Microphone Specifications

  • Type: Ribbon Velocity Microphone
  • Ribbon Element: 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz -18kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Figure-8
  • Sensitivity: -55 dB (0 dB=1V/Pa)
  • Impedance: 270 Ohms
  • Rated Load Impedance: >1500 Ohms
  • Max SPL for 0.1% THD: >135 dB @1 kHz
  • Size: 65mm x 180mm/2.56 in x 7.09 in
  • Weight: 860g/1.9lbs
  • Metal Finish: Gold and Chrome

MXL R77 Ribbon Microphone Includes

  • R77 Ribbon Microphone
  • Aluminum Flight Case
  • Cleaning Cloth

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    Domingo Betances

    Again, Without getting into much detail, this mic has a TRUE & familiar ribbon mic sound!!! VERY smooth, warm & BIG!!! Depending on the voice being recorded, you might feel the need to cut off some low freq's, scoop a 1db or 2db's of mid lows & mid highs & boost some highs, but it responds REALLY well to eq. Also, it's VERY well built, you get MANY great accessories & it looks STUNNING!!! I will say that I ONLY tested it on vocals. Finally, I'd like to thank the staff here at Front End Audio. These Guys Are VERY knowledgeable, responsive & easy going. Once again, to whom it may concern, Ryan Should Get A HEFTY Raise!!!