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The Merging Technologies Anubis Premium SPS Interface (Seamless Protection Switching), has been developed specifically to address the demands of broadcast facilities depending on an IP infrastructure. If your mission is working in true high-resolution, Anubis Premium offers up to 384kHz and DXD plus DSD flavours up to 256. What else would you expect from Merging!

Incorporating client requests to go beyond the ST2110 capability of Anubis, SPS includes no compromise ST2022-7 class C and NMOS compliance. It provides the most efficient and cost-effective solution to AoIP stream monitoring and management. Adding to the fantastic and constantly evolving feature set of Anubis, the Anubis SPS version features two network ports for ST2022-7 compliance.

While all MERGING Devices can be discovered and inter connected using MERGING ANEMAN Network Manager, Anubis SPS (as well as all other Merging interfaces) is also capable to register itself into an NMOS server as well as comply to connection requests from a compliant NMOS Network Manager such as VideoIPath from Nevion. Anubis SPS is compliant with NMOS IS-04 (Discovery & Registration) and NMOS IS-05 (Device Connection Management)

MERGING holds strongly to its commitment to broadcasters and has been implementing all the new IP protocols into its products. As a regular participant in IP Showcase events, Merging has implemented ST2110 and AES67. Anubis SPS meets the demanding requirements of JT-NM and is self-certified. We want your trust to be based on objective quality and reliability and submitting all our products to independent testing bodies is vital to ensure interoperability.

Using RAVENNA (AES67 compatible), Anubis is able to provide flexible connectivity of every single input and output across standard networks, using off-the-shelf network equipment. The future is most definitely networked audio, and Anubis provides it today.

Protect your production with not only audio network seamless switching but also power switching! Connect Anubis to both DC and POE supply. Should one fail, Anubis will switch to the other seamlessly.

With remote productions becoming the standard and content creators spread around the world, it is paramount to be able to quickly remote into any production device configuration and operation panels without wasting time on the phone running the user through the device. Anubis configuration, presets and features are completely accessible remotely for very fast troubleshooting and deployment.

There is another good news about Anubis SPS which is that it can be used in switch mode instead of “redundant ST2022-7 mode”, removing the necessity to have a network switch in scenarios where a DAW simply needs to be connected to a Horus, Hapi or Anubis, i.e. when doing a mobile recording.

Anubis SPS together with the Merging Audio Device, opens remarkable possibilities. MAD is a multi-ASIO driver (also with WDM support) that has an infrastructure option that supports ST2022-7, ST2110, NMOS and Virtual Machine control. This recognizes that centralized data centers and server-based installations are now the new normal way to manage the global nature of the broadcast industry.

Merging Technologies Anubis Pro SPS Interface Features

  • Scalable/Networkable
  • Studio/Mobile
  • Mastering grade Preamp and Amp
  • Sampling rate up to 384 kHz/DXD
  • DSD support up to DSD256 (Premium only)
  • Direct Monitoring of DAW running on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Direct AES67/RAVENNA Sources monitoring
  • Direct decoding of Ambisonic Sources
  • Cough Cut on every input
  • All state of the art monitoring features (Bass management, Speaker alignment, Talkback, Down-mix, Crossfeed etc…)

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