Merging Technologies ADA8S Module

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Merging Technologies ADA8S Module

The Merging Technologies ADA8S Module has consistently shown in testing to be the quietest multichannel conversion modules available anywhere.

These remotely controlled Mic/Line Input and Output cards are 3rd generation Dual Gain topology designs, inspired from the Anubis outstanding Preamps, that show zero tolerance to any compromise on the audio quality. Available in models that work up to 192kHz (ADA8S) and DXD/DSD256 (ADA8P). Using those combined 8 channel Mic/Line In and Line Out cards allow the Hapi to be configured with up to 16 channels of Analog In/Out.

Merging Technologies ADA8S Module Features

  • 8 x exceptionally transparent, Swiss designed pre-amplifiers
  • Remote/Local switch to Line Level on a per channel basis
  • Completely accessible remotely for all parameter changes
  • Phantom Power/Polarity Invert/Low Cut/Impedance switchable per channel
  • Dynamic range of 139dB (A-weighted, typ) on the Line inputs
  • Auto-mute circuitry for “no-pop” power cycling
  • Digitally controlled output trims for line up procedures
  • Dynamic range of 125dB (ADA8S), 126dB (ADA8P) (A-weighted, typ.) on the Line outputs

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