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The Manley Core Channel Strip is comprehensive, user-friendly channel-strip, and stacked with features and sound quality based on the legendary star of studio and world-tour; the Manley VOXBOX... but a few sprinkles of magic from the Manley SLAM! are dashed in for a unique gourmet sonic flavor.

The idea of the Manley Core Channel Strip is to provide a unit that provides a fantastic sound already with other controls bypassed. But all of the sonic shaping needed to bring a vocal right to the forefront of your mix, are right there and easy to use thanks to a simple Left to Right signal flow layout. Anyone who has used a VOXBOX never said, "Gosh! That was simple!" Perhaps it was simple if you were a seasoned (if also a bit crusty and cantankerous) engineer... but it takes a minute to catch your bearings due to the ability to access each individual component - features that aren't necessarily used every day. 90% of users want a linear signal path with the added ability to also record a dry preamp and then process line-level signals after the fact. CORE lets you do this, without losing any sonic integrity over the VOXBOX.

Last, but certainly not least in it's significance - All which is contained within the CORE, clocks in at a low price hardly seen in the Manley line. Now a comprehensive set of Manley's legendary tools complete with their reputation for quality of build and sound, is now within reach of home studio owners. But CORE also appeals to the desires of professional recordists, as well. CORE is one channel strip poised to make big gains for all who have one.

Manley Core Channel Strip Features

  • Comprehensive channel strip based on the legendary Manley VOXBOX, but with a more simple layout, and a nice price.
  • Class A tube mic preamplifier
  • Hand-wound transformers in Manley's standard tradition
  • Manley SLAM! Direct Injection - A longtime favorite of discriminating DI-users
  • ELOP compressor circuit with fixed 3:1 ratio
  • The 3-Band Equalizer uses a very good sounding Baxandall-curve style LOW and HIGH frequency shelving bands complete with a sweepable mid-band
  • Ultra-Fast attack FET limiter before output. Ensures no converter clipping will spoil a take
  • Metering for input, output, and gain reduction (comp)

Manley Core Channel Strip Specifications

  • Mic Preamp:
    • Type: Class A Valve
    • Phantom Power: +48V
    • Hi-Pass Filter: 120Hz
    • Gain Modes: Hi-Low
    • Line Input: Yes
    • Polarity / Phase: O-degrees, 180-degrees
  • Compressor:
    • Type: ELOP, Valve
    • Ratio: 3:1
    • Controls: Threshold, Attack, Release
  • Equalizer:
    • High and Low: Baxandall Shelving, fixed frequency
    • Mid-Band: Sweepable within two ranges
      • 100Hz - 1kHz
      • 1kHz - 10kHz
  • Limiter:
    • Type: FET
    • Attack: Ultra-Fast, fixed
    • Release: Adjustable
    • Threshold: Adjustable
  • Metering:
    • Input
    • Output
    • Gain Reduction

Manley Core Channel Strip Includes

  • Manley Core Channel Strip
  • Power Cable
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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  • 5
    The best friend of your mic
    Rafferty Santiago

    The perfect combination of features for the modern recording artist. Easy to use, sounds amazing and gets you results fast. The preamp is detailed, combine it with the elop based compressor that lets you control dynamics fast and effort less, and the eq that brings out every bit of detail, and you have a dang good channel strip. Works amazing in vocals, bass and guitars.