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The Lauten Audio Tom Microphone is the world’s first large diaphragm condenser microphone custom-crafted for use on toms.

Equipped with Lauten Audio’s newly designed Supercardioid capsule and award-winning dual-bias circuitry, Tom Mic captures pure, high-definition rack and floor tom sonics with maximum impact and tone while minimizing cymbal bleed. In addition to its tom-tailored frequency response, Tom Mic also features onboard analog sound-shaping, which allows you to musically rebalance the attack and body of any tom on any drum kit at the flip of a switch.  

Tom Mic’s tom-tailored frequency response captures each rack and floor tom with drummer-perspective speed, power, and tone, making EQ an afterthought rather than a must-have.

Lauten Audio’s bleed-blocking  head design and dual bias circuitry work together to provide Tom Mic with up to 28dB of off-axis rejection. This means crisp, clear tom sounds with far less cymbal bleed than a traditional dynamic or condenser microphone.

Whether stand or rim-mounted, Tom Mic’s newly designed Supercardioid capsule is hand-tuned and vibration-resistant to ensure a powerful balance of transient, body, and tone while minimizing inharmonic overtones from neighboring drums and tuning inconsistencies.

Each Tom Mic has a solid brass headframe and mildew-resistant dust filter to protect against stick hits, dust, and debris, whether in the studio or on stage.

Because of its unique design, Tom Mic is ideal for a wide array of placement positions while minimizing off-axis sounds. From the slap and isolation of proximity to the lifelike sonics of separation, each placement position offers a wealth of new sonic possibilities. It’s even great on resonant heads as well.

Tom Mic’s filters impact the overall performance of the microphone and play a critical role in its overall sonic versatility.  

  • Flat High Cut – Tom Mic’s frequency response boosts from 1kHz-2kHz, dips sharply at 3kHz for snap, then rises around 5k for smack and attack. Sensitivity is also reduced from 9kHz through 14kHz to minimize the sizzle and harshness of cymbal bleed.
  • 12kHz High Cut – Reduce perceived attack from overly bright tom strikes for a slightly rounder and more balanced note. This setting is also helpful for bringing up the perceived body of a floor tom while further reducing bleed from the surrounding cymbals.
  • 5kHz High Cut – Minimize bleed in harsh environments while preserving the essential impact and tone of a tom. This setting allows you to reintroduce presence and attack through post-EQ without accentuating unwanted high-frequency elements.
  • Flat Low Cut - Allow all low-frequency information generated by a rack or floor to pass through Tom Mic’s dual-bias circuitry unaltered.
  • 80Hz Low Cut – Gently reduce low-frequency buildup while improving perceived clarity from each note. This setting enables toms to stand out in a mix without sacrificing density and low end. 
  • 140Hz Low Cut – Significantly reduce low-frequency buildup while enhancing the perceived impact and clarity of each note. This setting is particularly useful in close-mic applications where toms need to assertively cut through a dense mix with precision and clarity.

Lauten Audio Tom Microphone Specifications

  • Type: Side-address pressure gradient FET condenser
  • Capsule: 32mm
  • Polar Patterns: Super-Cardioid
  • Freq. Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • High Pass Filter: Flat / 80Hz / 140Hz
  • Low Pass Filter:  Flat / 5kHz / 12kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 135dB minimum
  • SPL Handling: >135DB (0.5%THD@1000Hz)
  • Impedance: >150 ohms
  • Self-noise level: < 15dB-A
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:   79dB
  • Sensitivity: -58.0dBV/Pa (0dB=1V/Pa 1KHz)
  • Connector: 3-pin XLR
  • Power: Requires 48v Phantom Power
  • Dimensions:  127 x 60mm (mic only) 131 x 106mm (with mount) 
  • Weight: 348g (mic only) 450g (with mount)

Lauten Audio Tom Microphone Includes

  • Lauten Audio Tom Microphone
  • Articulating Swivel Mount 
  • Cordura Padded Bag
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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