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The JZ Microphones V47 Microphone offers a robust classic vintage vibe, that provides smooth full vocals, with detailed musicality. Inspired by a vintage voicing loved throughout decades, the V47 is a modern classic vocal mic to have.

The JZ Microphones V47 is born of the soul of many classic recordings we all love so much in one of the most iconic legendary microphones that shaped the sonic characteristics of the golden age of music. The natural smooth warmth and seemingly effortless precision of the recording achieved back in the day inspired JZ Microphones to re-imagine the beautifully sounding microphone. The unique Golden Drop Capsule Technology and discrete Class-A electronics allow for extra low self-noise and exceptional ability to withstand very loud sound sources, giving you true confidence in any recording situation.

JZ Microphones has teamed up with Rycote to offer a unique shock mount for their Vintage Series Microphones. The JZ Microphones Vintage Series Shockmount can be purchased HERE, to provide superior isolation and stability for your Vintage Series mic!

JZ Microphones V47 Microphone Features

  • Large diaphragm 1" (25mm) Golden Drop Capsule - Cardioid
  • Extra-low self-noise level - 6 dB (A)
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) - 134 dB
  • Class A discrete electronics, components
  • Gold plated output contacts
  • Built-in Stand Mount
  • Handcrafted

JZ Microphones V47 Microphone Includes

  • JZ Microphones V47 Microphone
  • Spec Sheet
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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The JZ Microphones V47 Microphone has the qeintessential vintage voicing. It has a full low mid, present yet slightly rolled off bottom end, darker top end, and present upper mids that add clarity. Add in the detail of the transformerless design and proprietary Golden Drop capsule technology, and you have a mic that is meant for all manner of vocals and voice overs. The V47 is warm and robust, with just enough bite to give a nice contrast and life..

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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