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The JoeCo BlackBox iXML Upgrade is designed to add iXML capability to your BlackBox Recorder. It is an open standard for wide compatibility, letting you store detailed metadata such as scenes, takes, and notes in your Broadcast WAV files for easy recall during post production.

The JoeCo BlackBox iXML Upgrade is invaluable to both sound recordists and post production personnel in the film and broadcast industry. It allows for the inclusion of location sound metadata in Broadcast WAV audio files, ensuring that important information which would have traditionally been noted on the tape box does not get separated from the audio it pertains to. This includes data like Scene, Take and Notes information, which can be logged during location sound recording in the film and TV industry and subsequently utilised by post production editors. When enabled for iXML, the BLACKBOX RECORDER allows the user to enter and edit typical iXML data fields, which are accessed via the main menu. A standard QWERTY keyboard can be connected to the recorder for rapid data entry, with most frequently used items accessible via a series of keyboard shortcuts. The JoeCo BlackBox iXML menu consists of three screens that enable the user to include a range of location sound metadata in Broadcast WAV files, from project names through to scene, take and notes information. The data is then embedded into the BWAV file at the end of the recording to be recalled later in the production chain.

The JoeCo iXML implementation also enables the BLACKBOX RECORDER to remember different headphone monitor mixes that have been set up during the recording process. This data is stored as part of the iXML chunk in the Default Mix section, allowing the user to quickly refer to an earlier recording, for example a previous scene that may have had different monitoring requirements. It is also possible to adjust the monitor mix via standard MIDI controllers. A further benefit of the iXML implementation is the ability for the recorder to capture PolyWAV files (in addition to standard mono BWAVs). This feature enables TV and film location recordists to better serve the needs of post production facilities, or systems where audio material is ingested in single large files.

JoeCo BlackBox iXML Upgrade Features

  • Adds iXML capability to your BlackBox Recorder
  • Open standard for wide compatibility
  • Lets you store detailed metadata such as scenes, takes, and notes in your Broadcast WAV files for easy recall during post production
  • Reduces the risk of written notes being separated from an audio master
  • You can connect a QWERTY keyboard (sold separately) to enter and edit iXML data fields via the system's main menu
  • The iXML menu offers 3 screens that help you to include a range of metadata, from project names down to notes about individual scenes and takes
  • The upgrade also allows the BlackBox Recorder to remember multiple headphone monitor mixes that you've set up during the recording process
  • Monitor mixes can also be adjusted via a standard MIDI controller

JoeCo BlackBox iXML Upgrade Includes

  • License for JoeCo BlackBox iXML Upgrade

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