JK Audio Innkeeper 1rx Rackmount Digital Hybrid

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JK Audio Innkeeper 1rx
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JK Audio Innkeeper 1rx Rackmount Digital Hybrid

JK Audio Innkeeper 1rx Rackmount Digital Hybrid

JK Audio Innkeeper 1rx Details
The Innkeeper 1rx is the 19" rackmount version of the Innkeeper 1x. You will find the same features as the desktop version with a physical layout that makes a lot of sense. From the front panel you can control on-hook/off-hook, and adjust headphone volume. Front-panel LEDs display signal levels and option status. The Send and Caller Volume controls are hidden behind an access panel to discourage unauthorized "tweaking". Auto-Answer and Presence switches are also hidden behind the access panel. The mic/line switch is located on the back of the unit, along with all audio and phone line connections.

The innkeeper 1x gets audio in and out of telephone lines. Its excellent caller audio does not exhibit the transmit / receive crosstalk common to analog hybrids, making it perfect for radio or television talk shows, teleconferencing, or auto-answer IFB feeds.

A digital hybrid such as the innkeeper 1x connects audio signals to a standard analog telephone line without the variations in quality found with analog hybrids. The main function of a hybrid is to bring in the callerâ??s phone line, as clear and clean as possible. In the real world, when you send your voice down the telephone line it will bleed over into the callerâ??s audio, so the hybrid must adapt to the phone line in order to properly separate transmit and receive audio. We use a 16 bit DSP to monitor the phone line and audio signals continuously in order to deliver excellent separation. Our dual - convergence algorithm can achieve excellent trans - hybrid loss typically exceeding 50 dB, without any setup.

This wouldnâ??t be a JK Audio product without its fill of common-sense features. Check out the front-panel headphone jack and volume control. You can monitor either the send signal, the callerâ??s voice, or a mix of the two. This output is also sent to the rear panel screw terminals so you can easily add a monitor speaker. As a matter of fact, all of the remote features can be found on real screw terminals for ease of installation. And, of course, the audio connections: mic/line switchable XLR input, XLR caller output and an additional, user-defined XLR output. Now press the "Presence" button and youâ??ll get a richer sound from the callerâ??s voice. This digital filter brings back some of the low-end lost in transmission. And possibly the coolest feature: The Innkeeper 1x can be controlled by the Guest Module 1, the optional remote control keypad.

This new release includes three new features: caller AGC, caller ducking, and a 1 kHz tone generator.

  • Caller Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is no small feat on a noisy telephone line. The goal is to get the quiet caller's voice lifted up without boosting noise between words. AGC must suppress loud callers, boost quiet callers, and leave the good calls alone. This must be done without adding artifacts to the caller's voice. We've spent many hours developing an algorithm that learns and adapts to the signal and noise floor to accomplish these feats. Innkeeper1x AGC is a feature that you will want to turn on and leave on.
  • Caller Ducking is a feature that simply drops the caller's voice by 9dB whenever the talent is talking. Ducking is one of those features that some talk show hosts swear by, while others try it and walk away. The 9dB drop allows the host to overpower the caller during the conversation, but not totally mute the caller. Your console fader has ultimate control, but ducking provides faster response and recovery.
  • The 1 kHz tone generator is a three-state button. One press and you are sending a tone down the phone line at full level. A second press and you are now sending the tone out the caller XLR jacks. A third press turns the generator off. The tone generator is for your convenience in setting levels on recording equipment. Innkeeper Digital Hybrids use your actual transmit signal to auto-null to the phone line, no tones or noise bursts are sent down the line during call setup.

JK Audio Innkeeper 1rx Features

  • Excellent separation of caller & talent voice.
  • 16 bit DSP technology.
  • Proprietary auto null algorithm, 50 dB null.
  • Balanced XLR mic / line input.
  • Balanced XLR caller output.
  • Balanced XLR user defined output.
  • Front panel headphone jack.
  • Monitor speaker terminals on back.
  • Voice Presence Compensation.
  • Input / output LEDs.
  • Remote control screw terminals.
  • Remote control jack for Guest Module.
  • Works with standard and "dry" phone lines.
  • Auto answer / disconnect
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Caller Ducking
  • 1kHz Tone Generator
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