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The Hear Technologies Hear Back Pro Accessory Bundle is a Front End Audio exclusive; designed to complement your Hear Back Pro Mixer with the accessories that matter!

The Hear Technologies Hear Back Pro Accessory Bundle includes everything you need to quickly set up and use your Hear Technologies Hear Back Pro Mixer in the studio or while on the road. This bundle includes a stand, a tilt adapter, a headphone hanger and a talkback microphone. With this bundle, Front End Audio is including all the accessories you will need so you are ready to start using your mixer to its fullest potential.

*** The images above represent the bundle with the Hear Back Pro Mixer and Digital Overly which are not included but can be purchased separately.

Mixer Stand
Get your Hear Back Pro Mixer in the right spot with the included mixer stand. With the ability to mount the Hear Back Mixer to a mic stand (thanks to its integrated 5/8" adapter), this stand provides an easily positionable, stable solution for the talent to get their mixer in the right spot during a session. The mixer stand resists tipping and is built tough to withstand every-day use. The powder-coated finish is scratch resistant to maintain its appearance, even on the most rigorous tour or recording schedules. Easily adjust the stand from 39" to 66.5" so the talent can be sitting or standing.

Mixer Tilt Adpater
The mixer tilt adapter provides 360° rotation and 180° tilt, making fine-tuned positioning of the mixer a breeze! Getting the mixer mounted on a stand is a great convenience during studio sessions, but to give you more than a straight horizontal mounting position, Front End Audio has included a tilt adapter. With this tilt adapter, you can get the perfect angle on the mixer to make sure the talent can easily see and interact with the mixer!

Headphone Hanger
The headphone hanger conveniently attaches to the stand and gives you a place to hang your headphones when not in use. Headphones are valuable so having a hanger on the stand helps you make sure they are properly handled as well as keeping the live room tidy. With the included headphone hanger, the studio is clean, your headphones are safe and right there, ready for when the session starts up again.

Hear Technologies AM12 Microphone
Communication between the talent and engineer, as well as between band members, is extremely important. This is why Front End Audio includeds the Hear Technologies AM12 Ambient Microphone with our bundle. The AM12 is a 12-inch gooseneck condenser microphone with supercardioid pattern, designed by Hear Technology for use with the Hear Back Pro Mixer – it’s the perfect talkback microphone to use with their system. It connects directly to the Hear Back Pro Mixer via XLR (no cable needed) and the gooseneck makes it easy to position. With the included AM12 mic, everyone can communicate clearly to make sure all are on the same page. This mic is always there and always out of the way, providing the best solution for all session discussions.

Hear Technologies Hear Back Pro Accessory Bundle Includes

  • Mixer Stand
  • Mixer Tilt Adpater
  • Headphone Hanger
  • Hear Technologies AM12 Microphone

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We here at Front End Audio created the Hear Technologies Hear Back Pro Accessory Bundle to make sure you got everything needed to enhance and optimize the use of your Hear Back Pro System. Every piece was hand picked by the FEA staff to make sure you are getting quality components that will improve your interaction with the Hear Back System. From the tilt adpater, Mic Stand, TalkBak Mic, and Headphone hanger, everything serves a specific purpose that leaves you not needing or wanting for anything. You get to use your Hear Back Pro System to it's fullest.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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