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The Hakan P110-1 Pop Killer from Swedish microphone specialist is a very special pop filter that is specifically designed to effectively prevent plosives (pops) and, at the same time, to eliminate the audible coloration that other pop filters often display.  Featuring a 13" Gooseneck with 1" clamp designed to fit large diameter microphone stands like a Latch Lake or Starbird.

The Hakan P110 is extremely effective in killing pops without compromising the frequency response and character of the microphone. The foam used in the P110 was carefully researched to maximize pop protection and minimize coloration – the specially selected foam is “hydrophobic”; this means that it will not absorb water. So moisture from the breath will not be absorbed by the foam and therefore does not stay on the filter to distort and color the sound. It is also easy to clean or replace the foam used in the pop filter. Most pop filters are known to color the sound. Measurements made by Hakan in Sweden have proven this.The coloration is clearly audible (red curve on the image graph). With the Hakan P110 Pop Killer (blue curve) there is no coloration.

If you have a standard microphone stand you may want to consider the Haken P110 with a standard microphone stand clamp.  Same filter just a smaller clamp than the 1" version.  

Hakan P110 Pop Killer Features

  • 13" Gooseneck
  • 1" Clamp designed for large diameter microphone stands
  • Protects Against Vocal Plosives
  • Does Not Color Frequency Content
  • Protects Against Moisture Build-Up

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