Guzauski-Swist XED-18 Subwoofer

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Guzauski-Swist XED-15
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Guzauski-Swist XED-18 Subwoofer

The Guzauski-Swist XED-18 Subwoofer augments an existing Guzauski-Swist GS Series Monitoring System with a complete system for integrating a subwoofer to make a 2.1 or even 2.2 system. The Guzauski-Swist XED-18 Subwoofer will shake the foundations of just how low you thought a monitoring system could go... and reproduce accurately.

The Guzauski-Swist XED-18 Subwoofer is available when an owner of a Guzauski-Swist GS3A or Guzauski-Swist GS4A system wishes to convert their existing 2.0 Stereo system into a 2.1 system or a 5.1 system.

Guzauski-Swist XED-18 Subwoofer Features

  • 880w @ 4 ohms per channel
  • Must be used with the GSA3i Amplifier

Guzauski-Swist XED-18 Subwoofer Includes

  • Guzauski Swist XED-18 Subwoofer
  • Speaker Cabling
  • IEC Power Cable

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