Guzauski-Swist GS-XED15 Subwoofer

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Product Code: 9999-15250
Guzauski-Swist GS-XED15
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Guzauski-Swist GS-XED15 Subwoofer

The Guzauski-Swist GS-XED15 Subwoofer expands both the Guzauski-Swist GS3A Stereo 2.1 Monitoring System and and Guzauski-Swist GS3A 5.1 Surround Monitor Systems into 2.2 Stereo and 5.2 Surround Monitoring Systems, respectively.

The Guzauski-Swist GS-XED15 Sub Woofer (Sub Only) requires that you already own the Guzauski-Swist GS-XED15 Sub System. The GS-XED15 Sub Woofer cabinet offered here is for adding a 2nd Subwoofer cabinet to the GS-XED15 Sub-System as the GS-A1 Amplifier (only available in the complete system) will power up to 2 GS-XED15 cabinets.

Guzauski-Swist GS-XED15 Subwoofer Features

  • For converting a Guzauski-Swist 2.1 system to 2.2 and 5.1 systems to 5.2
  • Helps eradicate issues with standing waves, nodes and anti-nodes common in situations where a single subwoofer is deployed

Guzauski-Swist GS-XED15 Subwoofer Specifications

  • 880w @ 4 ohms per channel

Guzauski-Swist GS-XED15 Subwoofer Includes

  • 1 x Guzauski Swist XED15 Subwoofer module
  • Speaker Cabling

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