Furman SM3-PRO Power Conditioner

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Furman SM3-PRO
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Furman SM3-PRO Power Conditioner

The Furman SM3-PRO Power Conditioner is a compact BlueBOLT enabled system manager with 3 outlets, power protection, and 2-port network switch. Featuring Panamax’s revolutionary AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring) circuit and Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), the SM3-PRO is ideal for entertainment systems (behind flat panel TV), digital signage, and network equipment hubs.

The Furman SM3-PRO Power Conditioner comes with remote, cloud based control and monitoring. The Furman SM3-PRO features Panamax’s revolutionary AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring) circuit, and the exclusive Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT). Together, these technologies comprise precisely what the customers have come to expect from Furman/Panamax: uncompromised AC protection and purification.

Outlets: Rear panel outlets are controlled in two power filtered banks. They are grouped into two (2) switched banks. BlueBOLT is included, providing secure, hosted IP system control and monitoring for the Furman SM3-PRO Power Conditioner.

Remote Power Management technology provides secure, hosted IP (Internet Protocol) system control. With BlueBOLT, custom electronics installers, integrators and end-users can remotely monitor and control power to home theater equipment by accessing power management components from anywhere in the world. From simple system reboots to comprehensive monitoring of power status, BlueBOLT™ provides the power to control complex A/V systems from their most fundamental level: their power source Furman SM3-PRO). In the event of a catastrophic power surge, such as a direct lightning hit, the Furman SM3-PRO will disconnect AC power to connected equipment.

Panamax’s patented power monitoring circuitry constantly monitors the AC line voltage for unsafe voltage conditions such as momentary spikes or prolonged over-voltages and under-voltages (brownouts). These unsafe conditions pose a very dangerous threat to all electronic equipment within the home. If the Furman SM3- PRO senses an unsafe power condition, it will automatically disconnect your equipment from the power to protect equipment from damage. Once the voltage returns to a safe level, the Furman SM3-PRO will automatically reconnect the power.

Audio/video systems and networking systems often function best when powered up and down in a sequential manner. In an A/V system, components can be powered up and given a few moments to stabilize before an amplifier or powered subwooofer is turned on, avoiding annoying and potentially dangeroues speaker “thumps” that can occur when all components are turned on simultaneously, or when amplifiers or subwoofers are turned on prior to other equipment. Networking sytems also benefit from sequential turn on as often a modem will need time to boot up prior to turning on a router, switch or other downstream components. The Furman SM3-PRO provides the ability to set turn on delays, turn off delays, and power cycle delays for each bank in the BlueBOLT® or via UDP command. A two-port Ethernet switch is provided for connecting an addirtional Ethernetconnected device without having to run a second LAN cable to the location.

Furman SM3-PRO Power Conditioner Benefits

  • Ideal for entertainment systems (behind flat panel TV), digital signage, and network equipment hubs
  • Protects connected equipment from power surges and dangerous voltage conditions (3 outlets)
  • Filters AC for best electronics performance
  • Provides remote power, energy and network management from any web enabled device at
  • Reduces equipment issues/service calls with remote hard reboots
  • Provides visibility on energy usage with cloud-based monitoring and tracking
  • Reduces excess energy consumption with scheduled on/off commands
  • Automatically reboots network equipment when connectivity is lost

Furman SM3-PRO Power Conditioner Features

  • Compact BlueBOLT enabled system manager (power/energy/network)
  • Three outlets (2 banks)
  • 2-Port network switch
  • AVM + protect-or-disconnect protection
  • Two accessory ports for external sensors/triggers
  • Mounting kit for rack mounting
  • Front panel bank override buttons and indicator lights
  • Fully programmable
  • Rear panel circuit breaker

Furman SM3-PRO Power Conditioner Specifications

  • Operating Voltage: 120 Vac / 60Hz
  • Current Capacity: 15 A
  • UL 1449 Voltage Protection Rating: 330V L-N, 400V L-G, 400V N-G
  • UL 1449 Nominal Discharge Current: 3,000A
  • Initial Clamping Level: 200V
  • Energy Dissipation: 1,575 Joules (8/20µs)
  • Overvoltage Shutoff: 134 Vac ± 2 Vac
  • Undervoltage Shutoff: 95 Vac ± 2 Vac
  • EMI / RFI Noise Filtration:
    • -18.7dB @ 10kHz
    • -50.5dB @ 100kHz
    • -43.9dB @ 1MHz

Furman SM3-PRO Power Conditioner Includes

  • SM3-PRO Power Conditioner
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Detachable 2 ft. Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • 3 Years Warranty

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