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The Coil Audio CA-286S Preamp provides a full ranged hi-fi musical character that with the adjustable Negetive Feedback, can be contoured to have more of a gentle low or high tilt, accentuating and complimenting the sound source.

The Coil Audio CA-286S Preamp boasts the exact same circuit, tubes, transformers, and high-end components as its PS6 sibling but with a more elegant and user-friendly design. Simply put - The CA-286S is the easiest way to get those Hi-Fidelity EF86 tube tones into your studio. The Coil Audio CA-286S Preamp takes inspiration from a highly revered vintage design of the 50's and 60's that has been used by Gates, Collins, Telefunken, and Langevin, providing a smooth and musical tone that elevates the sound source. The negative feedback can almost be used like an EQ, giving the preamp a slight tilt to the highs or lows, so you can more tailor the response to the sound source.

The Coil Audio CA-286S does NOT feature phantom power, which is required for use with condenser microphones. If you plan to use this with a condenser microphone, you will also need the Coil Audio CP-448 Phantom Power Supply or another phantom power supply.

Coil Audio CA-286S Preamp Features

  • 2U steel enclosure with integrated power supply
  • CT-110 Input and CT-41 Output transformers installed
  • Negative feedback tone adjustment with LOW filter
  • Two-stage dual EF86/6267 vacuum tube circuit
  • 42db-60db of available gain
  • Flexible input pad section for Mic or Line level operation
  • 150 Ohm Mic input, 20k Line input, 600 Ohm output
  • NOS tubes, signal caps & resistors, PEC 2W carbon pots
  • Slow Ramping/Linear regulated

Coil Audio CA-286S Preamp Includes

  • Coil Audio CA-286S Preamp
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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  • 5
    Coil Audio 286s
    Kelley Bourland

    This preamp far exceeded my expectations. Guitars and bass sound perfect recorded direct and vocals sound great with a ribbon mic. Ryan was a pleasure to work with! Will buy from Front End Audio again.

  • 5
    Huge sound, huge flexibility, a tone beast
    Zeitaku Lobusta

    Had this beast for a couple of weeks or so now and been taking some time to experiment and learn. Wow. I work only with spoken word using Neumann, Brauner, Bock and Sennheiser mics, and once you learn how to work this thing it's a beast - lets you dial in everything from diamond-sharp detail to ribbon vibes, in your face to back of the room....on the same mic. In my sweet spot it's not simply smudgy warmth but thickness, heft, call it what you will. I also use John Hardy and Avedis pres, and while they have very sweet spots with certain mics I'll be doing some close comparisons to see if the Coil can really cover either of those. Only 2 minor quibbles are that built-in 48V would really round this box off (got a Palmer box to deal with that, perfect), and while the knobs and switches etc are beautifully robust, the edges around the front panel and corners weren't well finished and I cut my thumb open on the top so took a gentle file to it. Of course if it's racked this isn't an issue but it seemed out of place given the love that's obviously gone into the rest of it.

  • 5

    I've been looking for a tube preamp for awhile, and after some thinking, the 286 seemed like the best for my intended uses. As an overhead with a Coles 4038, it magically fills in lower and mid tom frequencies in a way that's difficult to describe, other that "fat", but also focused and controlled. Almost no eq required. With an 87 fet style condenser, it adds the same fullness to the lower freqs and mids...just dense and rich and beautiful sounding. The NF works as described, and the Low EQ is also very useful so far...very usable boosts and cuts that neither fail to cut/boost enough, nor go overboard. Just a fantastic tone that I certainly don't experience in preamp emulations and it gong to be really great to have around. Front End was great to deal with as well - they answered questions based on experience and shipped fast. Thank you!

  • 5
    Best preamps in the game

    Sold all my other preamps to acquire Coils. Best preamps in the game.