Coil Audio CP-448 Phantom Power Supply

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Coil Audio CP-448
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Coil Audio CP-448 Phantom Power Supply

The Coil Audio CP-448 Phantom Power Supply is the purest Phantom Power for your modern and vintage condenser microphones available today.

The Coil Audio CP-448 is simply a 4-Channel phantom power supply delivering pure clean power to your microphones.

Coil Audio CP-448 Phantom Power Supply Features

  • 4-Channel Linear Regulated 48V power supply
  • Large current reserves with over 75mA split between the 4 channels
  • DC blocking circuit keeps Phantom off the input transformer - safe for use with all vintage mic preamps
  • Long life, Hi-Temp Nichicon and Panasonic filter caps for ripple free operation
  • Audiophile Grade Nichicon Muse and Cornell Dubilier film caps in the audio path
  • Dale 1% and 0.5% mil spec resistors throughout
  • Slow ramp 48V DC at power on
  • Selectable 120VAC or 240VAC operation
  • Neutrik XLR connectors
  • All steel chassis, Hand built and tested in the USA

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