CAD EPF-15A Nylon Popfilter

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CAD EPF-15A Nylon Popfilter

The CAD EPF-15A Nylon Popfilter features a flexible gooseneck holder and swivel mount make it easy to put this Pop Filter exactly where you need it!

Filtering out noise due to plosive sounds and at the same time protecting your mic when recording vocals, the CAD EPF-15A Pop Filter and Gooseneck filters your voice for better vocals before it reaches the microphone. Made to fit any microphone, the all black PF001 comes with a 6" (13.5cm) nylon mesh screen and a slim, flexible gooseneck with swivel mount.

CAD EPF-15A Nylon Popfilter Features

  • Stops plosives
  • Protects your mic
  • Flexible gooseneck holder
  • Swivel mount for easy positioning

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