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The Buzz Audio REQ-2.2MEA Equalizer is a mastering version of teh REQ-2.2 (similar to the REQ-2.2ME), but features an active filter low band.

The Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 Equalizer utilizes parallel resonant circuits in a clever configuration whereby the bandwidth (Q) of the circuit can be adjusted like an active filter, but without any complex relay switching. The inductor/capacitor resonant tank eq circuit runs at a low internal signal level which avoids any inductor saturation effects. The overall result is the sound of real choke based filters with a big open sound, but without the limitation of only a few - or no bandwidth selections as found on traditional choke eq's.

As you would expect, the REQ uses their BE40 True Class A circuits developed for the MA-2.2 microphone amplifier for superlative audio performance. It also utlilizes their BE44 discrete line driver at the output that acts like a transformer and can respond to balanced or unbalanced loads. But, sometimes you might need a bit more color, so Buzz Audio have included a saturation section that introduces measured amounts of low frequency harmonic distortion via a steel audio transformer driven by a single ended tansistor amplifier. The High Pass Filter is placed in the beginning of the eq chain and the Low Band eq section is placed last in the chain. This layout produces the best overall equalizer coherency.

Buzz Audio REQ-2.2MEA Equalizer Features

  • The MEA option replaces the Choke based eq filter with an Active filter which provides a "tighter" bass sound. This option has come about from requests from some users who work with modern music styles in mastering. The only operational difference between the Active and Choke filters is that in Shelf mode, the Bandwidth control does not work as a slope control and is disabled.

Buzz Audio REQ-2.2MEA Equalizer Specifications

  • Frequency Response measured with all eq bands on and set flat, Saturation and HPF off = 5Hz to 125kHz +0.2/-3dB
  • Harmonic Distortion at +10dBu signal level;
  • Saturation OFF; 100Hz 0.007%...1kHz 0.004%...10kHz 0.007%...100kHz 0.013%
  • Saturation ON POS-1; 20Hz 1.5%...100Hz 0.07%...1kHz and up 0.01%
  • Saturation ON POS-2; 20Hz 1.5%...100Hz 0.14%...1kHz and up 0.01%
  • Saturation ON POS-3; 20Hz 1.5%...100Hz 0.16%...1kHz and up 0.01%
  • Saturation ON POS-4; 20Hz 1.6%...100Hz 0.17%...1kHz and up 0.01%
  • Saturation ON POS-5; 20Hz 1.7%...100Hz 0.18%...1kHz and up 0.01%
  • Saturation ON POS-6; 20Hz 2.0%...100Hz 0.22%...1kHz and up 0.01%
  • Maximum Input Level; +25dBu
  • Input Impedance; approx 20k ohms
  • Maximum Output Level; +32dBu balanced
  • Output Impedance; approx 70 ohms
  • Input Common Mode Rejection; (ref 0dBu) 100Hz -65dB…1kHz -65dB…10kHz -60dB
  • Noise all bands ON set flat; -110dB below max output level (A weighted)
  • Power requirements 115V/230V selectable on rear panel
  • Dimensions 4U rack mount, 300mm deep

Buzz Audio REQ-2.2MEA Equalizer Includes

  • REQ-2.2MEA Equalizer
  • Power Cable
  • Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

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