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The Buzz Audio Zodiak Tilt-N-Filter Equalizer was delivered to us by Zak Cohen, owner of the Woodshop Recording Studio, and it is based on a series of plug-ins Zak would routinely set up to equalize music tracks recorded direct into his DAW. This unit features high end Texas Instrument IC opamps in the signal path with an electronically balanced output. It sounds neutral, clean and transparent, similar to a modern high end mixing console in that once you start turning the knobs the magic happens!

The Zodiak reproduces this concept with the same series of eq elements - but in the analogue domain so it can used ahead of the DAW input. The main element of the design is the Baxandall style Tilt eq circuit (originally found on the Quad 44 hifi preamplifer from the 1970's). The concept of a tilt EQ is not new, but with the addition of a fully parametric midrange band and high and low cut filters, the Zodiak caters for a wide range of applications that would otherwise require multiple processors. What's more - the Zodiak is available with three signal path options to suit your taste and budget.

Buzz Audio Zodiak Tilt-N-Filter Equalizer Features

  • LO CUT - a high pass filter that sweeps from 26Hz to 220Hz with a 12dB per octave slope and it's own IN/out switch.
  • HI CUT - a low pass filter that sweeps from 2.3kHz to 21kHz with a 12dB per octave slope and it's own IN/out switch.
  • BELL SWEEP - this section is the parametric midrange control with 10dB of CUT and BOOST available. The FREQ control covers 65Hz to 8800Hz with the upper range actitvated with the HI button. The BANDWIDTH control offers narrow to wide bell shaped curves. This section also has it's own IN/out pushbutton switch.
  • TILT EQ - this control is always in circuit when the channel is switched IN. Clockwise rotation will boost the treble and cut the bass, anti-clockwise rotation will cut the treble whilst boosting the bass.
  • OUTPUT - this control allows you to trim the output level to match the next device in your chain and has a + or - 8dB range.
  • PEAK - this LED will light when levels inside the Zodiak signal path exceed +22dBu.
  • POWER - A handy power on/off switch and associated power led common to both channels and conveniently located on the front panel where it should be!

Buzz Audio Zodiak Tilt-N-Filter Equalizer Specifications

  • Maximum Input Level; +25dBu
  • Maximum Output Level; +29dBu.
  • Frequency Response (Lo and Hi Cut switched out); 3Hz to 200kHz (+/-1dB).
  • Harmonic Distortion; 0.009% 100Hz to 10kHz.
  • Output Noise (all bands in set flat); -88dBu A weighted
  • Channel to Channel Crosstalk; below noise
  • Indicators; Peak level LED set to +22dBu. Power On LED.
  • Rear Panel Connectors; Input-XLR3F, Output-XLR3M, Mains IEC inlet.
  • Size; 1 Unit rack mount, (482Wx44Hx250D).
  • Weight; 4kg.
  • Power requirements; 230V/115V selectable.
  • Specifications are typical of a production unit and are subject to change without notice. 0dBu reference = 0.775 volts RMS

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