Blue Microphones B2 Capsule

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Blue Microphones B2
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Blue Microphones B2 Capsule

The Blue Microphones B2 Capsule for Bottle and Bottle Rocket Microphones is a figure-8 pattern condenser capsule designed with a darker vintage voicing reminiscent of ribbon microphones. This is perfect for taming voices and instruments like trumpets which tend to sound more brash and harsh through normal condensers and dynamic mics.

The Blue Microphones B2 Capsule Capsule for Bottle and Bottle Rocket pays homage to the full sound of classic ribbon mics in a whole new way. Outfitted with a condenser capsule, the Blue Microphones B2 is able to replicate the sound of vintage ribbon mics while bearing up to higher SPL for an exquisitely present timbre.

The sound of the Blue Microphones B2 is best described as big, warm, and full - though it CAN be considered dark - reminiscent of vintage ribbon microphones.

Bring out the warmth of vintage brass and woodwinds, jazz and horn ensembles, all extended-range strings and bowed instruments, acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, vocals and organ with the Blue Microphones B2 Capsule for Bottle and Bottle Rocket!

Blue Microphones B2 Capsule Features

  • Figure-8 polar pattern
  • Darker, warmer more full of a character than other Bottle Caps
  • Reminiscent of Ribbon Microphones
  • Perfect for use on taming brass and woodwinds, for use on jazz, horn ensembles and more

Blue Microphones B2 Capsule Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Blue Microphones
  • Category: Accessory
  • Polar Pattern: Figure-8
  • Diaphragm: Large
  • Compatibility: Blue Microphones Bottle & Bottle Rocket Microphone

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