Blue Microphones B0 Capsule

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Blue Microphones B0
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Blue Microphones B0 Capsule

The Blue Microphones B0 Capsule designed for Bottle Microphone offers the recordist a unique tonal characteristic and pickup pattern. Deliver the ultimate big vocal sound with B0 cardioid large diaphragm and you’ll get the superior bright, silky, and intimate presence.

The Blue Microphones B0 Capsule offers an unprecedented creative palette for Bottle Microphone. Inspired by the most coveted mics in recording history and forged for modern applications, the Blue Microphones B0 Capsule embraces the past to define the future. The Blue Microphones B0 delivers an extraordinary variety of timbres and polar patterns—with options ranging from vintage to modern—forming a world-class collection that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to obtain with individual mics. With the Blue Microphones B0 Capsule, you can capture the unique character, dimension, and nuances of timeless performances from any vocalist or instrument.

Blue Microphones B0 Capsule Features

  • Cardioid large diaphragm
  • Superior bright, silky, and intimate presence
  • Ideally suited for lead and background vocals, guitar, mandolin, and percussion
  • Inspired by the vintage tube microphones that became pro audio milestones
  • Delivers an updated version of the warm, smoky vocal sound

Blue Microphones B0 Capsule Specifications

  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Compatibility: Blue Microphones Bottle Microphones

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